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Lady Danielle
Full Name: Danielle Olesko
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Date of Birth: Oct 3rd, 2505
Place of Birth: Ariel
Rank: Noble Lady
Position: Striker
Marital Status: Bachelorette
Affiliation: Nobles


Danielle stands at around 5 feet, 5 inches give or take. She doesn't appear to be much older than 17 or 18. She's got a more athletic build than a curvy one, and looks as if she spends a bit of time everyday keeping herself healthy. The way she carries herself is with a bit of attitude, but she's almost always active and hyper. Her features are mostly fair, with blonde hair and unassuming blue eyes. Her eyes brows are set nicely over her wide forehead. That mop of bright blonde hair is usually kept in a sporty sort of ponytail with a small black clip. In contrast to the blonde, the girl has a streak of purple running through her bangs.

Currently, she's dressed in her University sports uniform. It's a simple get-up, but one that's immediately identifying of the girl. A golden emblem sits over her breast with the text of the school's name curved around a soccer ball. The rest of the jersey shirt is navy blue, with white stripes running down the short sleeves. The shirt's cinched at the back so that it's not so baggy. In her hands is a pair of goalie's gloves.

Her lower half is covered by a pair of sporty black shorts, and a thick pair of athletic shinguards. Underneath these, is a pair of white and black leggings for even more protection. Her shoes are a standard, but expensive, pair of cleats.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Butterfly tattoo on her bicep.
  • Her family's Coat of Arms tattoo'd on the small of her back.
  • Purple streak of hair.


Rebellious, and surprisingly creative and cunning. But at the same time, she can be mature and serious when the situation calls for it. She likes her rough 'n tumble fun, but sometimes, she prefers to just sit back and relax. Often, she'll try to pull away from the trends her family follows (Ex. She doesn't live with her family, and prefers Persephone to their home planet of Ariel.) She likes being independant, and is impossibly, and unreasonably stubborn when it comes to accepting help. Despite this, she does have a soft side underneath all that tomboyish toughness. She's passionate about whatever she does, and is the happiest when she has something to occupy herself with. When provoked, she has quite a hot temper. Part of this is due to her own personality, but sometimes, when she hasn't gotten a dose of her blood thinners, she gets extremely irritable. She'll commit crime, for fun, but nothing particularily aweful like murder. She /does/ tend to get into fights, but she's only won a few of them and would never even dream of killing. Whatever she does that is illegal, it will be for her own entertainment. At this point, she just wants to stay out of the public eye and play the game she loves.


Through the Lines

The Beckham family, all the way back from Earth-That-Was. Its from this family that Danielle, and the rest of her siblings can trace their roots back to. Since David and Victoria of the 20th century passed on and had children, the Beckham family has evolved into a world-renowned clan of professional athletes and icons of great power over the mainstream of pop culture. Leading all the way up through the ages, they eventually came known for their fair hair, and the Beckham family Coat of Arms branded to the smalls of their backs.

It became tradition within the Beckham family that the males would train, and eventually join up with a professional sports team, while the females would fly up the top 100 charts for their music and performing talents, just as Victoria had with her girl group named after a seasoning of some sort. No one can remember now. It wasn't until the Earth was used up, that the Beckham family began dispersing more, and developed into one of the largest clans spread out all over the many planets of the verse.


Since then, the family has broken up into four groups, the first formers, the second formers, and so on. Each Former took on their own name, and soon enough each group also became known for different reasons. The first formers, the ones most widely known across the planets, were made famous for their excellence in soccer, while the second Formers were known for their music. Third formers, for their adept ability with firearms and sword fighting, and then lastly, the fourth Formers. This is the branch that Danielle belongs to. Her side of the family is known for their excellence in academics, and as such, are the anomaly of the Beckham clan.


That is, until Danielle came along. Unlike her two brothers, she excels in sports, rather than academics. Her parents, Frederick and Sheyenne Olesko were encouraging, however they preferred that she stick to what her branch was good at. Their last name is, like her familys specialty, an anomaly within their clan. The majority of the other branches have variants of the last name Beckham. While she did well in her schooling, and attended a private high school like her entire family wanted her to, she still made a point in joining the soccer teams and exercising. Ever since she was born, shes been the rebellious, one-one-out in her family of nobles. While her two brothers would spend their time reading and studying, Danielle preferred to kick around a soccer ball in the backyard of their estate.

When she graduated from high school at the age of 17, her parents enrolled her in another program in the university on Persephone after she earned a scholarship for her athleticism. Since then, shes been doing a good job of gaining a bad reputation, making her stand out even more amongst her well behaved siblings. That fire for misbehaving has had her close to expulsion many times within the last year or so, and one particular incident, when she turned 18, landed her a few days in jail after a week in the hospital. A fight broke out on the soccer field, and being a haemophiliac, the injuries she received from the brawl caused by her bad temper sent her to the emergency room. This also landed her quite a bit of attention from the press, and many articles were produced, filled with the story of the Noble who beat a goalie silly. After she was bailed by her father, the old man's been trying to keep a close eye on her, to keep her out of trouble. She still parties, and acts like her stubborn, irresponsible self, though usually she's got a few chaperones flanking her wherever she goes...



  • Sleep, soccer - anything to do with it
  • Tattooes, tribal artwork
  • Elks, penguins, and horses
  • Rock n' roll, rap, classical, piano (shhh...!)
  • Harming the opposing team! :E
  • Pranks, loud noises
  • Rain, hurricanes
  • Water, pasta, chocolate
  • To laugh secretly when people trip


  • Being stationary
  • People who don't shut the fuck up
  • Her brothers
  • Civil laws, curfews
  • Cats, small dogs
  • Elevator music, country, gospel
  • Being pranked
  • Being tripped