Daniel Sabo

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Daniel Sabo
Dan sabo.jpg
Full name Daniel Sabo
Date of Birth March 25th, 2502
Birthplace Boros
Parents Hendrick Sabo and Manya Oleneva
Siblings Many.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Pale Blue Eyes, Bronze-Blond Hair
Height and Weight 6'1", 165 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Interpol Academy, Boros

Employment History

August 2521 - June 2526: Interpol, Boros Post
July 2526 - April 2534: DAS - Interpol
April 2534 - Unemployed


Dan is a tall, skinny man without much in the way of muscle mass. His bronze-toned blond hair is loosely trimmed and swept to the side, and he has pale blue eyes and a visage of muddled Scandinavian descent. He's wearing a sharp grey suit under an Alliance-marked Interpol trench coat with comfortable shiny black shoes on his feet.


Dan has a bit of a 'player' reputation, often flirting with women whether it's appropriate or not. He's very outgoing and brash about things, often speaking his mind without much thought before the words fly out of his mouth. He has a dedication to his job and does take the safety and protection of people seriously, but often, predictably, takes the easy road when he doesn't think (if he's thinking at all) any real harm can be done by it. He tends to prefer talking his way around situations rather than using force and can be very easy to rile under the right circumstances.

At a glance, people see him as a typical officer that's working the daily grind. Get to know him better and you might discover the somewhat shallow, self-centered, self-interested guy underneath.


  • 01/04/2532 - Dan was in the process of tracking down a minor criminal that had been evading arrest. When he went into a bar on Santo to question the local flavor (or sample the local flavor) about Otto Jones, he ran into the suspect himself. A showdown ensued that led to the death of two officers and Sabo taking a horrible shotgun wound. Otto was killed while fleeing the scene by a Special Response Team. Dan went through multiple surgeries and weeks of recovery. During that time he was re-hospitalized after spilling a friend's cover to a girl to get laid.
  • 03/04/2532 - During what seemed to be a routine spot inspection, Officers Sabo and Stratton walked into a Pirate Commonwealth ambush on a ship called Rabble Rouser. Dan was taken hostage for a week, where the pirates forced him to assist them in some crime (including the theft of a ship under the guise of an inspection) under threat of bodily harm and death. Eight days after being taken captive, Dan was dumped on Ezra, drugged and naked. Rumor has it that the pirates gave him a new tattoo as well.
  • 03/25/2532 - Dan threw a big 30th birthday bash out on New Melbourne. At the beach party Mai Tai's flowed freely and he declared his friend Anya Ozera the Limbo Champion. Surprisingly, no one got hurt and Dan didn't hook up with anyone despite his girlfriend not being able to make the party.

RP Hooks

  • Want minor interactions with the Alliance? Call Dan. He does ship/building inspections. He's a cop. He can process weapon licenses. He's probably the least gung-ho officer on the force when it comes to radical views of the Alliance. He's slightly corrupt, willing to look the other way with the right persuasion, and if something involves too much work? Well, forget it. He might be the officer you need for a plot.
  • Uncertain parentage? Dan's father gets around. Hendrick Sabo is a custom's officer on Boros and has a history of being unfaithful. He has at least six kids through three different women that he knows of, there are probably more.
  • Are you a drunk and want to spend a night in the drunk tank? Dan can help with that. It looks good on his record to get drunks off the streets and you get the warm fuzzy feeling of making a moderate donation to the Alliance Officer Appreciation fund. Alliance drunk tanks do not have room service and do not have turn-down service, but you do get the potential for some fun roommates for a night. A great way to make new friends!

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