Daniel Redcrow

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Daniel Redcrow
Full name Daniel Redcrow
Spouse None
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown,Brown
Height and Weight 5'10, 175
Status Inactive


Daniel Redcrow is very obviously of Native American Descent. His form is accented with dark features. Standing five foot ten and weighing an athletic 175 lbs. one can easily surmise that Daniel was built for speed and agility as opposed to strength and brawn. His long, straight black hair is usually tied back into a ponytail. Dark, deep set eyes sit just over the high cheek bones of his Navajo face. His skin is smooth and has a seemingly constant shine and his face tends to always look clean shaven. People often mistake his facial expression for dour or stoic. Although youthful looking, Daniel carries himself with an air of experience.
His clothing is usually very simple. Tan uniform style trousers and suspenders are the order of the day, with a plain tan button-up shirt tucked messily into said trousers. Weather permitting, a long brown duster is worn which extends nearly to his ankles. His feet are girded by brown leather cavalry style boots. Occasionally, a brown, wide brimmed cowboy style hat can be seen atop his head to shade his eyes from the brightness of the sun. Often finishing his clothing items is a brown leather duty belt of paramilitary issue. On his right hip, rests his tribal fighting knife. And resting on his shoulder encircling his torso is a bandolier of ammunition for his rifle.
Daniel can often be seen standing or sitting in the most secure corner of a room where he can see all possible entrances and exits. His dark, deep set eyes seldom cease moving unless he is speaking directly to someone. In such cases he tends to make direct eye contact.


Born on Planet Shadow, Daniel Redcrow is the son of a fiercely ethnic Navajo lineage, his parents were a strict and traditional Navajo couple who worked extremely hard to provide a future for their children. His family worked very hard to establish a homestead on the new world. They had just begun to propser when the war started. The entire planet was bombed into oblivion. Everything his parents had worked for and everything he stood to inherit was vaporized in an instant by atomic weaponry. Needless to say the destruction of the Redcrow family farm and homestead compelled Daniel to Join the Independent Forces as a scout in an attempt to seek retribution on those who destroyed his family's property. His mother disapproved but his father endorsed his enlistment as a right of passage. Plagued by nightmares of the bombing raids, he lives for the day when he can look into the eyes of the man who gave the order....and then eviscerate him.
His parents currently live on Ita Moon and are attempting to start over.
After the war, Daniel took whatever odd jobs as a security guard or hunter or laborer he could find. It was a chance encounter with a former military comrade (Remington Leblanc) which lead him back to the border worlds. He greatly fears nuclear weapons and is afflicted with bad dreams and sleepless nights because of his homeworld's nuclear desolation.


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