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Full name Danee Vit McGuire
Date of Birth October 25, 2504
Parents Roberto and Angelica Kalderdash
Siblings Joshua, Stefan, Roman, Sarai, Katisha, Jamio, Estaban, Darmaj, Delmah
Spouse Faoite McGuire
Assignment cargo
Specialization finance
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair brown / black
Height and Weight 60 inches / 120 pounds
Status Active
Education Information

home schooled

Employment History

Engineer Tsukai no Inari, Engineer Phoenix, Trader Jia


She stands about 5 and is athletically built. Weighing only about 125 she is curved in all the right places. She is cute in a dark sensous sort of way. Dark hair and eyes. Skin reminiscent of creamy baked clay. Dark eyebrows and lashes frame slightly tilted eyes. A strong nose and stubborn chin frame moist, soft, full lips. She wears earings that hang and resemble celtic knots. Short black hair seems to have been chopped off at random lengths. She wears a Tunic of yellow and green swirls. The scooped neck displays defined collar bones. But the first thing you see is a celyic cross in silver like metal. The sleeves are capped leaving her arms bare. The tunic stops mid thigh and her brown leggings end in brown canvas deck shoes.


Danee was born into a large loving Romany Family. The lived upon a Ship along with aunts and uncles cousins and grand parents. She learned all the usual things a good gypsy family taught their children. She liked to hang out with her grandfather who was an engineer and learned to help with maintenance.

Ships that are home to extended Romany families are usually cramped and privacy is at a premium. For the most part inside your mind is the best privacy. Danee was four when she started talking to people before they talked to her. At first it was just greetings and answering common questions that people think of asking. When she started to talk to them about things she had no way of knowing is when the trouble began. Her parents explained that she was never to look inside people’s minds. Just as one does not go into their private things one does not go into others private thoughts.

But knowing that a reader was on board. Even if she was one of their own made life uncomfortable. Extended family as well as brothers and sisters began to avoid her. To make life more normal she was sent to Saint Hermonie’s Monastery when she was 8.

Saint Hermonie’s is on Paquin just over the prairie from the Romany encampment and so she was near familia. She was taught by the nuns there but was sent to an aunt’s to actually live. As well and the general school subjects she was taught to control her curse. She was taught self awareness and how to meditate. How to keep from using her abilities. Here she became close with her cousin Chovian Noravasi. He became her family that she turned to when her own family was not about.

Danee asked for and was granted permission to leave the convent and take a position on Ship of a friend of the Romany’s. She worked there and learned to interact with those not of her own people. But she found that her belief that violence was not the way clashed with the ideas of the captain. She left the Tsukai no Inari and got a job with the Phoenix

The phoenix was a bad idea all together. No one seemed to care that she was there. She did her job and then was ignored by the crew. After two weeks when the captain found her in the cargo bay and accused her of being a stow away, she realized that maybe the Phoenix was not the place to be. She quit the ship and hung out at the Evesdown Docks until the husband of a cousin invited her to join his ship as crew.

Bmal Enyad, The captain of the Jia invited her to join his crew. She started out helping with Maintenance and because a lot of their cargo was handled through local cargo offices Danee became interested in learning. Her ability to talk with just about anyone about just about anything made getting along with the cargo handlers an easy task. She made friends and soon she was learning how to get the best runs for the money. She feels she has become an asset to the crew.

It was on the Phoenix that she first met Hase O’donald. He was handsome and charming and she fell madly in love with him. She forgot or ignored all her cultural training. She would not listen to warnings from close family. They were married on the Jia along with Tren and Joe Rolend. But bliss was not meant to be their happy ending. When her parents found out they tried to convince her to leave Hase and return to the family. She refused. Enyad allowed them to stay on the Jia but her family went to the counsil of elders and Danee was outcast from the clan.

Love is not always enough. She found that although she loved Hase she missed her family. She missed her mother and sisters. She missed being a part of her culture. She hated it when the Jia was on Paquin and she was not allowed to even speak to other Romany. Hase being the devoted husband that he was tried to make up for the loss but soon even he began to see that it was marring their happiness. Soon he agreed that the marriage should be ended. It had to have been a hard decision for him to make.

The council allowed her to be reinstated into the culture under certain conditions. She was never to marry and never ever to have children. At 19 it seemed so simple. Her heart broken because of her loss of Hase and her happiness to be reunited with her family, Danee agreed.

Now she lives on the Jia. She helps the council as much as she can and she works for the betterment of her people. She is learning to use her abilities to help others and she is growing up into a productive adult.

She and Faoite McGuire were married in a formal Romany wedding on May 25th 2528. The marriage was allowed because there would be no children.

During a fight with Slavers Danee was shot in the head. Recovery was slow and painful. There is some memory loss. Some agility loss. But she seems to be mostly back to normal.

Deadwood was attacked. The Romani Community was wiped out by reavers. This included The Elder Janos Jianagos. Of over 1/2 million people only about 1500 survived. Faoite became distant. He began working with the Romani Congress and when his grandfather's position came up for a vote he was elected to the Council of Elders. Other than quick visits to the Jia, he had been gone two full years.

During his absence, a number of things happened. One was an attack by reavers on Lilac. Danee did not cower like usual. Instead she picked up Reaver blades and began to attack them. They were going to kill the only doctor at the battle. She could not allow that. Someone said she killed 40 of them. All she remembers is being covered in blood.

A threat to the Romani elders was also a learning and growing period. Although afraid she attacked but Doc Holliday Killed the ring leader.

Because of the problems with their marriage, Danee has begun to sleep on the sofas in the commons.

For learning to fight Kyoshiro Mibu gave her Jade Tycho's Katana called Zetsumeihana


Friends and Family

Chovian Noravasi
Bmal Enyad aka Faoite McGuire
Artesia Hunter
Jade Tycho
Laurent McCain
Hase O'Donald
Vinze "Crow" Tverdovsky
Kyoshiro Mibu
Zank Lines
John Holliday

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