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Damon Francis Morgan
Full name Damon Francis Morgan
Date of Birth February
Parents Dimitri and Natalia
Siblings None
Spouse Kyra Cornelius-Francis
Assignment N/A
Specialization Shepherd/Medic
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Yellow-brown/Black
Height and Weight 6'4, 192lb
Status Inactive
Education Information

Tabernacle Community Seminary, Athens

Employment History


Character History

Born to simple farming folk on Athens, Damon was raised to value hard work, discipline, and above all else, the good book. Living on a planet that was ravaged by the Unification war, the demand for individuals disciplined in medicine and patient care was high. Damon spent most of his youth volunteering in the field, assisting where help was lacking and learning valuable tools of the medical trade.

It was his experiences caring for patients and his religious upbringing that decided him that his calling in life was to live and work as a Shepherd. Studying at the Tabernacle Community Seminary, he took his vows and began preaching in his home town by the age of eighteen. For two years he lead congregations and continued to do volunteer work at local hospitals, until he unfortunately managed to capture the interest of a local woman, Kyra Cornelius. He rebuffed her advances, but as time wore on, so did his will to resist. No longer able to deny the attraction between them, he broke vow to pursue a relationship with her.

It wasn't long before his family and community discovered what he'd done. He was ostracized by both, stripped of his surname (he often uses Damon Francis, if asked for a full name), and forced to leave his home. Denouncing his faith, for he was sure that if God had a plan for him it wasn't meant to be like this, he spent his only savings relocating to Persephone, where he and Kyra were married. They lived in an impoverished state there, until Kyra fell suddenly ill and didn’t recover. Seeing her passing as punishment for his sins, Damon, in his grief, found himself at odds with his faith once again. Taking up the collar, on his own terms this time, he roams the black, taking passage on ships, hoping that he can someday restore his own sense of belief.


Damon is naturally charming and possesses a knack for knowing what people need to hear. As a result, he is exceptionally persuasive, as well as a good listener. His compassion for life knows no bounds, and he will go above and beyond his means to accommodate others. He is usually calm, even when threatened, and tends to get more anxious then enraged in hostile situations.

That's not to say he's a push-over. Though he takes his claim of pacifism seriously, he will protect and defend people who are suffering, as sitting back and idly watching would be as bad as committing the crime himself.

Refraining from judgment, as he believes that's something reserved for higher powers, Damon tends to hold his tongue when irritated or annoyed with people, and anyone he outright dislikes is generally humored or dealt with with a dosage of subtle sarcasm. Though stoic and polite with most folk, he does have a fair amount of wit in him that comes out around those he knows well. However, when inebriated, he loses his reservations entirely.

Knowing little outside of Athens until he moved to Persephone, Damon still possesses a degree of naivety. He can be gullible at times, though not painfully so, and clueless about the more shady going-on's of the 'verse. He tends to catch on quickly, though, and learns fast from previous mistakes.


Pale and lanky, Damon is a graceful individual of roughly 6'4, with neat black hair and light brown eyes that appear to be specked with yellow. His hair is worn in a fringe over his brow and comes to a 'v' at the nape of his neck, and his features are smooth and youthful.

The collar turned upright, he wears a white, button down shirt underneath a short, dark overcoat. The shirt is tucked into a pair of black slacks, his feet fitted with matching boots common to most space faring folk. At his belt hang several small pouches, weighted down by whatever is inside of them.

There is nothing overly remarkable about the man or his appearance, other then the ring he wears on his left hand. A circlet set in what appears to be gold, it bears a strong resemblance to a wedding band.