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Damien Angus Orwell
Damien Angus Orwell.jpg
Full name
  • Damien Angus Orwell
  • "The Brown Wolf"
Date of Birth
  • December 12, 2476
  • Deceased
  • None
  • Unwed
  • None
  • Paramount Leader: SOB
  • Field Commander
  • Sniper
  • Close Combat Specialist
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown Eyes
  • Sandy Blonde Hair
Height and Weight
  • 6'3"
  • 178 lbs
  • Officially Deceased
Education Information
  • Basic Military Training
  • Advanced Military Training
  • Sniper Training
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Training
  • Independent Faction Senior Officer Training
Military Service
  • Independent Faction: Captain (2506-2507)
  • Independent Faction: Major (2507-2508)
  • Independent Faction: Colonel (2509-2511)


2506 – Captain Damien Angus Orwell of the Silverhold Defense Force is commissioned Captain in the Independent Faction Armed Forces. Given command of advance recon company. By end of year, Orwell is nicknamed "The Brown Wolf" by his soldiers for his cunning and tenacity in battle and because of the large tattoo of a brown wolf on his back.

2507 – Damien Angus Orwell promoted to Major and given command of Sigma-8, first Browncoat Black Ops team. Participates in numerous battles and campaigns over the year.

2508 – Major Orwell is rumoured to have fire the shot that killed Alliance General Korgan at the Battle of Baldur’s Hill during the Greenleaf Campaign. End of the year, Damien Angus Orwell promoted to Colonel.

2509 – Col. Orwell is named Director of Special Operations Branch (S.O.B.), the Independent Faction’s Black Ops Division. Continues to lead forces in battle in addition to staff and strategic duties.

2511 – Col. Orwell present at Serenity Valley. Refuses order to surrender, one of very few senior Independent officers to do this. Hides aboard Alliance medical transport and escapes Hera. Rallies remnants of Independent Forces to continue guerilla warfare. Dubs new organization SOB in honour of his last command. SOB commences guerilla warfare on Rim worlds against Alliance forces. By December, Alliance Parliament designates SOB a terrorist organization; offers a bounty of 40 000 credits for Orwell, dead or alive and a reward of 20 000 credits for information leading to his whereabouts.

2512 – General David Chang named by Parliament as overall commander of special task force commissioned to destroy SOB. Chang initiates Operation Tiger Claw and vows to "skin the Brown Wolf himself." Alliance forces begin retaliation against known SOB hideouts and associates. Orwell proves more than a match for Chang and SOB eludes Alliance strikes and raids. SOB continues guerilla campaign on Rim worlds, causing major damage to Alliance military networks and significant disruptions to Alliance civilian infrastructure. In August, Alliance Central Intelligence agent, codenamed "Featherweight" successfully infiltrates upper echelons of SOB leadership. Reports soon reach Alliance High Command of details about SOB command and control structure. Chang ignores these and continues traditional tactics. By December, Chang is relieved of command. Parliament doubles bounty and reward offer to 80 000 and 40 000 credits respectively.

2513 – General Patricia Hart named new commander of task force. Agent "Featherweight" reports in February the sudden and mysterious disappearance of "The Brown Wolf." SOB senior command puzzled and astonished by this turn of events. Without Orwell, SOB is unexpectedly weakened. Hart takes full advantage of this opportunity and initiates Operation Stormbreaker. Alliance military, with heavy reinforcements, brings massive and overwhelming force against SOB targets. Operation is a huge success and SOB begins reeling on all fronts. Three-quarters of its senior leadership are captured or killed by December.

2514 – SOB ceases to function as an effective organization by April. All significant leaders are either dead or captured. Command structure completely annihilated by Alliance forces. It takes Hart until December to wipe out all remnants of SOB. Operation Stormbreaker concludes with total Alliance Victory. Hart is recognized for her efforts. Whereabouts of Orwell remain an enigma.

2515 – Parliament reduces bounty and reward offer down to 20 000 and 10 000 credits respectively. Many now believe "The Brown Wolf" may already be dead.

2517 – Parliament reduces bounty and reward offer down to 10 000 and 5 000 credits respectively. SOB begins to fall out of people’s lexicon as 4 years have now passed since the organization was prominent.

2520 – Parliament eliminates bounty offer altogether. Reward of 2 500 credits is offered for information on the whereabouts of "The Brown Wolf." No one even tries to claim it.

2525 – Parliament eliminates reward offer. Officially declares "The Brown Wolf" dead. In secret however, case remains open and Interpol and Central Intelligence continue yearly briefings about him. No one expects the man to ever re-surface. SOB has by now fallen from the general populace’s memories, nothing more than a footnote of history.

2529 – An old monk leaves his monastery and returns to the ‘Verse...


Name: Damien Angus Orwell, "The Brown Wolf"
Rank: Colonel, Independent Faction
Affiliation: Paramount Leader of Special Operations Branch (S.O.B.), Terrorist Group (2511-2513)
Age: 37, at time of disappearance
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6" 3"
Weight: 200 lbs, at time of disappearance
Browncoat Serial #: 19788

Briefing: (conducted by General Leo Wang and Deputy Director Natasha Jones)

LW: All right, listen up. It’s that time of year again where we rehash this old case. General Wang here on behalf of Alliance Central Intelligence.

NJ: Deputy Director Jones for Interpol. So, "The Brown Wolf." Likely dead, but Parliament still wants us to keep the file open, just in case. I’ll let General Wang handle the details and then I’ll conclude. General?

LW: Thank you. Colonel Damien Angus Orwell, Independent Faction. Those of you who fought in the Unification Wars knew him as "The Brown Wolf." Formerly a Captain in the Silverhold Defense Force, received commission in newly formed Independent Armed Forces at the beginning of the war. Expert in hand-to-hand combat and an exceptional sniper. A brilliant field commander tagged by Independent High Command for rapid advancement. Early 2507, designated team leader for first Browncoat Black Ops team. It is rumoured that he fired the shot that killed General Korgan at the Battle of Baldur’s Hill during the Greenleaf Campaign in 2508. By 2509, he was a Colonel and named Director of the Independent Faction’s Special Operations Branch (S.O.B), their Black Ops division. Orwell was present at Serenity Valley, and was one of the few Independent senior officers who refused to surrender. He snuck off Hera aboard one of our medical transports.

NJ: Sorry to interject, but I want to point out that after his successful escape, "The Brown Wolf" murdered all three doctors and two security personnel aboard the transport. He then gassed all the wounded aboard before fleeing elsewhere. Even if he is dead, Parliament wants his body for DNA confirmation. This is a nasty, nasty, man.

LW: Ok. After Unification Day, he rallied certain remnants of the Browncoats and formed a new organization that he called Special Operations Branch, or SOB, after his former command. They immediately commenced guerilla warfare against us in the Rim worlds. By December, Parliament had officially designated SOB a terrorist group. For the next two years, we fenced with them all over the Rim. Orwell was a brilliant commander and strategist and SOB was a tight group. In fact, by 2513, they had greatly disrupted our operations on many planets. But by then, Central Intelligence had managed to infiltrate their upper echelons. We soon heard a strange report. It appeared “The Brown Wolf” had disappeared. None of their senior command knew what had happened to him or where he had gone. The nature of their organization means a lot of decentralization and Orwell’s movements were always very random, to prevent us from getting at him. We coordinated with the military and used his absence to launch a new offensive. By mid 2514, SOB had effectively ceased to exist as a functional organization. Their leaders either dead or captured and their command structure obliterated. It took us the rest of the year to finish off the few bits and pieces. But throughout, we never figured out what happened to "The Brown Wolf." If he were still around, I doubt we would have been so successful, even with our agent in their midst.

NJ: All right, so why are we still talking about him now, 16 years later? Because those are the orders. The bounty and reward for Orwell no longer exist. At the height of SOB’s power, there was a bounty of 80 000 credits on Orwell, dead or alive, and a reward of 40 000 credits for information leading to his whereabouts. They’ve steadily decreased over the years, until they became zero about 4 years ago. We are not expecting him to suddenly pop back on Persephone tomorrow, but we’ve been ordered to still circulate this information to all relevant sectors. Every January, we take an hour to repeat this briefing. This year, it’s no different. The final thing I’ll mention, since you are all probably wondering, how the heck do we know who this guy is today? It’s been 16 years since he was last seen after all. Well, Orwell has a very *distinct* tattoo. It’s where his nickname comes from after all. A tattoo of a brown wolf adorns his entire back. We’ve got pictures that we’ll circulate via wave. Everyone, take a look at it and memorize it. I guess you just never know. Maybe that old guy shuffling around is actually "The Brown Wolf!"

LW: *chuckles*... ok, let’s get some food. Briefing adjourned.



"The Brown Wolf" is well-known for having the following tattoo on his back...

DAO Tattoo.jpg


"All warfare is based on deception." - Sun-Tzu, Earth-That-Was