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Full name Damian A. Carmichael
Date of Birth August 12, 2496
Parents Baron Apollo Daniel Carmichael the VI (Deceased), Baroness Esmerelda Iolanthe Carmichael (Alive)
Siblings Margaret Lily Carmichael, Baron Apollo Daniel Carmichael the VII, (himself), Millisante Phoebe Carmichael, Stephen Marcel Carmichael.
Spouse Sebastien Rhys-Carmichael
Children Caralyn Emaline Carmichael, Sebastien Andrew Carmichael (fraternal twins), Tian Kieran Rhys-Carmichael. Raven Havoc (ward) Adrian Trelemaine (ward).
Assignment Noble
Specialization Pharmaceuticals
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel eyes, tawny blond hair
Height and Weight 6'2", 220 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Boarding school and college on Londinium, graduated with a PhD in Pharmacology, minor in Psychology. Degree in Psychology, PhD in Psychiatry. Degree in Business and Management. Diploma in Energy systems Engineering. Technical qualification in mechanics and ship repair. Flight school Diploma (Capital and Transport)
Military Service
  • No military service.



Born to Beaumonde nobility, his family estates were located in New Dunsmuir, the Carmichaels own factories in and around the spaceport, manufacturing a good amount of mid and high tech equipment. Industrialists par excellence, they were well to do enough to have a reasonably large family. Damian Alluicius Carmichael is the second oldest son out of five, most of his family estates weighed upon his elder brother Apollo Daniel Carmichael the VII taking over from his father and his elder sister Margaret's dowry, leaving Damian himself and his younger brother to either forge a name for themselves or submit to their father's plans for them to enter the Alliance military. The youngest son submitted to such desires, but such a life was not for Damian. The unofficial motto of his family being: It's not what you know, it's who you know but what can help too, set him up to be schooled in a rather prestigious boarding school on Londinium, to mix with the very highest society where possible and learn the ins and outs of his social strata, make friends with affluent merchant folk and build contacts lists. Damian however, made a rather large amount of contacts in lower class (and lowlife) individuals also. When the time came to go to college, he elected to remain on Londinium and study pharmacology, minoring in psychology to some degree of success. Truly though, despite being highly intelligent, a good deal of his time was still spent on his slow accumulation of power and influence, using his handsome face, bearing, noble upbringing and natural charisma to its fullest advantage. Graduation led to yet further spreading of influence in a variety of social circles and something of a foray into the 'verse, arranging trade deals for a factory to be established to manufacture pharmaceuticals for supply to Ariel and other centers of medical science, enabling a good relation with the growers on Greenleaf and a few double-crosses along the way. Now, he is ready to spread his wings more fully.


Planetary base

His estates are located in the residential district of Osiris, along with his company: Red Lion Industries. The private landing pad of Bubastis can be scanned from orbit. Formerly his shuttle, the LRS Inverness, could often be seen visiting planets to discuss trade, but it was recently sold in order to acquire an A.S.R.E.V subsequently named Inveray, a deal which was struck with the Ares shipyards. He also owns a Yellowjacket courier, the Strathclyde. This ship acts as his own personal porsche in space. He has also purchased 'The Siren', a dragonfly class transport ship, from Baroness Kennedy Sinclair, renaming the old and seasoned ship to the Highlander. It was not to work out though, the old dragonfly was prone to breaking if it was looked at wrongly and after a hefty amount of deliberation, the nobleman spoke to his contacts within the Alliance and military and aquired a decomissioned APC the Klaighmar. The company deals in the delicate equipment necessary for drug manufacture, from centrifuges to high calibration scales and fine titration equipment, as well as in the actual pharmaceuticals themselves. As such, the cargo available for transportation is Materials - Civil and Parts - Civil. Recently, the company has diversified a little into the culinary arts market, with the addition of a chef to their ranks.

Very cheap medical equipment, supplies and packs can be found in his office vendor. The prices are as follows:-

    • Surgery Medpack - 800 credits
    • Medicine Medpack - 700 credits
    • Nursing Medpack - 600 credits
    • First Aid Medpack - 500 credits
    • Medsupplies - 100 credits (used for Doctor's beds)
    • Surgical Supplies - 200 credits
    • Medical Supplies - 150 credits
    • Nursing Supplies - 100 credits
    • First Aid supplies - 50 credits
    • Doctor bed - 1200 credits
    • Heartline Health Suit - 600 credits
    • Chem Tranquilizer Vials - 725 credits
    • Tranquilizer Gun - 850 credits (Note: use Gun as alias for +vendor functions)
    • Hover Stretcher - 6000 credits
    • Hover Ambulance - 8000 credits

A rare moment of being streetwise

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Coat of Arms and Clan Tartan

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Miscellaneous things of note

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Highly allergic to dogs.
  • Also highly allergic to most anti-histamines.
  • Is a rather avid cat fancier.
  • Has a distinguishing japanese-style tattoo on his back, depicting a silver fox trapped in thorny underbrush.
  • Has a distinguishing melanin birthmark on his left lower back over the buttock that resembles a moth or butterfly.
  • Collects curios and oddities as a hobby.
  • He is born in the Earth-that-was chinese horoscope year of the Monkey.
  • Has a lot of cybnernetic body parts.
  • Scarification (via dermal stripping) in a stylized thistle pattern 5"x5" on his left inner thigh.



Red Lion Industries Associates past and present

Angela Jones - Human Resources

Amakaze Aleksandrovich - Hospitality - Retired
Amar Rendolin - Security Chief - (Deceased)
Aisha Hearne - Security - Mercenary (SCS)
Aubrey Everson - Science/Computer Ops
Baltimore Flannigan - Human Resources/Chief Inspector - Retired
Sebastien Rhys-Carmichael - Co-Ceo, Human Resources Head
Cougar Lee Black - XO - Ship medic, Science
Emily Blaire - Medical
Iorwerth Jones - Medical/CMO (MIA)
Maximoff Rabecci - Courier/Security
Mikhaila Arkanova - Science/Computer Ops
Roxana 'Roxie' Delos - Science/Computer Ops, Former Chief of Staff - Retired
Sypher Arcturas Maxwell - Chief of Security, Mercenary
Terra Takamoto - Human Resources - Retired
Templeton Torres - Science/R&D - (Deceased)
Victor Qasim - Security
Victor Weston - Security (MIA, presumed Deceased)

The Former Lady Wife
Venadia Trelemaine (DECEASED) - Nobility

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