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Full name Ren 'Dallas' Mizushima
Date of Birth Some 28 years ago
Birthplace Sihnon
Parents Alive
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Medic
Specialization Medicine/First Aid/Surgery
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, dark brown hair
Height and Weight 5'2" 110lbs/50kgs/7.86 Stones
Status Inactive
Military Service

5th Armored Cavalry

Employment History

E2 Private 1st


This woman stands five feet and two inches tall. She clearly has some Japanese in her family line. Her head is covered in large dark brown ringlets. The soft curls flow past her shoulders to the middle of her back. The curls are very subtle and controlled. The brown in also graced with colors of gold, black and white. Her face is soft but angled. She has high cheek bones dotted with freckles that connect over her nose. Her eyes are inward and downward slanted. Her eyes are dark blue. Her nose is small. Her plump, rose petal lips are tinted peach. Her teeth white and perfectly straight. Her jaw line soft and rounded. Her neck is pale and thin. The soft skin freckled. Her neck softly angles into her shoulders.

Her shoulders are pale and thin. Her collar bones are defined and sharp. Her arms are thin and toned into defined muscles. In combat the muscles become obvious though they still fit her body perfectly. Her wrist are thin and her hands are smooth. They also are slightly calloused. Their bony and veiny look make them seem weak but they are stronger then they look.

As her hips curve outwards ones eyes might naturally follow along the line. Her hips soft and rounded. Each side leading to a toned leg. Her backside is rounded and dimples are clearly evident and yet they are a nice compliment to her thin and toned figure. Her legs are strong but lean. She has smaller calloused feet.



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