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You're gonna find your fairy tales are lies
I don't have a white horse
But you can come along for the ride
-A different Kind of Knight - Christian Kane

Full name Dale Kane Lambsey
Parents Syrus (alive) and Cera (deceased) Lambsey, actors. Father with traveling troupe of performers visiting the 'verse.
Siblings Ivy Lambsey, Carina Lambsey (Adopted), Sebastian Lambsey, Neil Stinson
Spouse Lee! -- Just kidding.
Children none
Assignment Ethereal Investigations.
Gender Male
Status Inactive
Education Information

School of life (some formal engineer training)

Military Service


Dale Lambsey, Who is this guy, really?


Like everyone in the verse, he has a few quirks to him. For instance, he can be friendly and flirty but when the moment is needed he can be as cold as a rattlesnake. He loves to be the center of attention, he loves crowds, his favorite thing in the world is a rapt face listening to the sound of his voice as he's playing his guitar. He's just as happy playing the latest video game on his PDA. He gets long with pretty much anyone who isn't trying to kill him and in general is usually willing to step in and help when needed. That's what gets him into trouble. Being the son of actors, and raised on the stage he can take on just about any persona and mood. Sometimes, he gets lost in the performance and forgets who he is. He's not the quickest guy to pick up on innuendo but he's been around the block. He hasn't got the patience with education that Ivy does, or the ability to handle military tactics like Seb does, but he's quick at sensing and reacting to danger and easy with a smile. There is not much that gets to Dale: he shrugs it all off with equal ease-- life's hard turns, not getting the girl (or boy), death or grief. So, why improve on perfection? Seriously, Dale knows his problem is that his interests are all over the place. He really loves being a tech geek but it doesn't give you all that many cool points. So he tries to hide his inner geek behind his smooth talking con man exterior.


Dale grew up on Paquin and still has friends there. He was raised by actors who had a penchant to put on plays with elements of the earth that was. (Shakespear etc). So Dale has a wide range of knowledge. He knows a little bit about a lot.

He was into an average amount of trouble as a kid. Best friends with Zander Drake who started staying over at Ivy and Dale's house when his parents started fighting. They started a band, but it never got anywhere. His luck has never been all that great unless he makse it happen.

He ran away from home for a little while when he was sixteen due to arguments with his father about what he should be when he grew up. He found his older brother Sebastian who was in the army at the time. He put a stop to that and sent him to school with a snort: "Yeh ain't fit for military, kid". Seb paid for Dale's engineering training.

When their mother died, things went to hell. His Dad became a crazy control freak and Dale had to get out. Dale would have excelled as an engineer with formal training but he doesn't have the patience for school.

Dale has and will do practically anything. He's not been too proud to lie, beg or steal his way into a prime position. Sure, it means he hasn't had much luck keeping the same job for long but there's always Ivy. Dale's not very good at settling down at any one thing.

Timeline: Pre-Grid

This is what I like to call "Pre-Grid History". During any moment of these years, if you wanted to have met with Dale Lambsey and have a character hook, please let me know. I'm more than willing to discuss.

2510 (Age 12) Cera Lambsey Dies.
2511 (Age 13-15) Attempted to rebel and start a band with Ivy and Zander.
2514 (Age 16-17) Dale ran away from home. If you would like to have met Dale during this time, please let me know and we can work in a hook.
2515 (Age 17) Dale returns due to the strong suggestions and assistance from his eldest brother Sebastian. He finishes high school when Sebastian offers to pay for engineering school.
2516 (Age 18) Finished High School late in the year. First relationship with 'Jake'. Didn't work out.
2517 (Age 19) Dale fell in with Kurt Standish and his gang. Falls in love but soon realizes that Kurt is a terrorist. He turns the man in. Kurt goes to jail for 7 years.
2518 - (Age 20) Engineering School. Dale met Sally Harper at engineering school.
2520 – (Age 22) Dale drops out when Sally Harper is killed accidently. Incident is covered in Alliance Records. Dale was not involved in her death.
2520 - 2523 (Age 22 - 25) Dale was lying low, just under the radar for these years, running minor cons with Zander and in and out of different identities and situations. He was starting to get pretty good. He kept off the grid, just under the radar. He never did anything to attract any unwanted attention.
2523 (Age 26) Enter the Faceman. Dale meets up with his sister Ivy and his best friend Zander. They decide it would be brilliant to hook up on the same boat.

Visual Dale

He's anything you want him to be when the need arises.


Logs can be found on Dale's Live Journal.


Wounds and Manly Scars

>2 gun shots to left leg.
>1 sword wound on back.
>dislocated left shoulder.
>1 puncture to left shoulder.
>1 gunshot to right shoulder.
>Nailed by God.
>Hit in the head by the back of a knife. Ouch.

Recent Events

Dale: Recent Events

Musical Dale

This is how Dale Sounds when Singing: [1]

Songs that fit Dale:

A different Kind of Knight "Christian Kane" [2]

This is him while he was still in the black before 2523 [3]


[4] (Higgins Moon Vid)
[5] (Dale, Eugene and Marc)
[6] (Dale and Lee pt 1)
[7] (Dale and Lee pt 2)
[8] (Dale and Lee pt 3)