Dakota Cathcart

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Dakota Marie Cathcart

Dakota stands just at 5'6". Depending on the situation and what ever whim she happens to be in at the time her hair may be black, brown-blond, and even has been blue and purple at times. Short and long, it is more a matter of whim as to her hair style and color than to make a fashion statement. Slender but wiry, she carries herself arrogantly. She is cutting edge, not afraid to push the envelope. She hates failure in herself and others. Assertive to the point, some would say, of being a demanding witch with a capital B. So when it comes to work she's all business, when it comes to play, she's all play.

Dakota Cathcart
Full name Dakota Marie Cathcart
Date of Birth Aug 03, 2510
Parents Father: Major Stephen Cathcart (Alliance Marines - Retired)

Mother: Brenda Cathcart

Siblings Susan Lee Cathcart
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Agent/SAD/Central Intel
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue-grey; Varies, most times black, has even had purple
Height and Weight 5'6" and 140
Status Single
Education Information

Home school, various military schools, Alliance Academy

Military Service

Agent, DAS, SAD


Dakota's full early/childhood history can be found here.

Suffice it to say that Dakota's life centered in and on the Alliance. Now, having just graduated from the Alliance Military Academy her history here will continue.

July 2531 - Graduated from the Alliance Military Academy. 7th in her class.

Basic Description

She stands just at 5'6" tall. Most times her hair is long black, the sides and back just below her shoulder blades while the front is trimmed to stop just past her brows. Slim but wiry, she is about 145 pounds. She carries her self with authority, borderline arrogantly. Blue-gray eyes, fairly full lips, and a body that matches her frame - definitely fit.
Clothes will vary depending on if she is at the Academy, bumming with friends, or out on the town at some night club. And no, she does not wear combat boots when she is out dancing in some club!

Fun Recent Events

  • Jul 27, 2531 - Agent with the DAS
  • Coming soon


To say that Dakota is driven is an understatement. Nothing short of success will be tolerated by her. She is cutting edge, to the point of shocking even the few close friends that she has managed to stay in contact with. There is a mischievous side to her, only seen by those very few that she can let her hair down with. Boy friends come and go nearly as quickly as her hair styles change. Shocking is fun, boredom can't be tolerated!

Fun Stuff

  • Favorite drink: Tequila - with lemon and salt when available, if not, straight up
  • Favorite food: Most seafood, shellfish being at the top of the list
  • Favorite type of music: Hard core, electric, and loud
  • Favorite night out: Night clubs, flashing lights, dancing, Men! Oh, did I mention Tequila?
  • Highly allergic to bee stings. Dakota is never with out her Epi Kit (Epinepherin)
  • Anything with high speed!


Do you want to include your name here? You will have to win her over via RP.

RP Hooks

  • Gluing the Commander's desk items down.
  • Beating up the recruit
  • Been to an Alliance base or outpost? Did we meet?
  • Maybe saw her in one of the more upscale night clubs on the Core planets?
  • Ex-Alliance? Did you know her father?
  • More to come

A picture is worth a thousand words.