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Full name Dakota S. Trudeau
Date of Birth December 21, 2488
Parents William & Gina Briggs (Deceased)
Siblings N/A
Spouse Douglas Trudeau (Deceased)
Assignment None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Auburn
Height and Weight 5'7"/130 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Public School on Persephone

Military Service


Employment History

None Current

  • Former freelance gunslinger, repairs, cargo


  • July 22nd, 2488 -- Dakota Simoriah Briggs was born to William and Gina Briggs on Persephone.
  • December 13, 2509 -- Parents killed on a shuttle to Greenleaf by Pirates.
  • Feburary 14, 2514 -- Met Douglas Trudeau during a lockdown of Evesdown Docks on Persephone.
  • May 20, 2519 -- Married Douglas Trudeau and moved home to Persephone after a 2 week honeymoon on Paquin.
  • June 7, 2519 -- Douglas Trudeau was wounded and later died of complications on Ezra.

Growing up on Persephone, she and her family were neither upper class or lower class, but somewhere conveniently in between. Dakota attended a public school and did quite well with her studies. While her parents thought she would eventually take over the small shop they operated on Evesdown docks, Dakota had other plans.

Her parents, William and Gina Briggs were simple merchants. With a shop set up in Evesdown, Dakota became quite familiar with the trade and the many ships that came in and out of the Spaceport. Her parents were peaceful people and were making a simple shuttle run to Greenleaf when it was attacked by pirates. The Alliance responded to the signal for help, but unfortunately by the time they arrived to offer assistance to the shuttle it was too late. All aboard were deceased and the entire cargo was taken.

When her parents disappeared after taking a shutter to Greenleaf, Dakota found herself on her own at the age of twenty one. Taking up the only profession that seemed to be wanted among the many ships that passed through Persephone, she became a Gunslinger. While not violent by nature, she is not afraid to take a life when she must.

The loss of her parents was hard for Dakota. For a long time, she indulged in violence and found the true enemy, in her mind, which was the Alliance. Their failure to save her parents weighed heavily on her and she found herself battling against the entire world in at attempt to ease the ache in her soul that was left behind by her parents death. It was only the love of a an Alliance officer that changed her mind. Doug attempted to bring the violent woman into a kind of peacefulness and succeed for the most part.

Their relationship lasted five years and the pair were married at last. When he too was taken from Dakota after an ugly fight with the Russian mafia on Ezra, a mere number of weeks after their wedding, Dakota decided against continuing her life the way she had always lived it. Instead, she strived to find a place between, to carefully balance the scales in hopes of honoring not only the memory of her parents but Douglas as well.

Now, having left her former ship, not wanting to work with Pirate or Alliance, she is stranded on Persephone and looking for work.

While she doesn't talk about her past too much, she was once associated with more than one Pirate ship and several Slaver ships during her freelance days. Hoping to find someone to train her in less than violent skills, she seeks a ship to call home and a crew to call family. Currently her hopes are turned to helping someone to train her as a pilot.


An exotic mix between peaceful and violent, Dakota strives to find the grey in a black and white world. Having experienced both sides of the fence, both pirate and alliance, with even a little inbetween when she worked for a slaver ship, Dokota attempts to be graceful and non violent at all times. It's not always easy, and sometimes she will slip, but for the most part she attempts to carry out her job first with her words and second with her weapon.


Shiny, thick brown hair is straight and falls well past her shoulders; styled in a single length and worn in a simple fashion that is parted in the middle. Complexion is pale without appearing unhealthy, her lips and cheeks touched with a natural light rose. An oval face, her nose touched with freckles across the bridge and a small upwards nudge at the tip. Lips are full without being overdone, teeth straight and white. Hazel eyes lean toward a copper color, dappled with flakes of green and warm brown, outlined with dark kohl. Coming close to somewhere around five foot and a lucky seven inches, she appears at first glance to be in her late twenties. A healthy, slim figure.

On ring and fourth finger of her left hand, jewellery. On fourth finger, a silver band is set with a small, square, black onyx. On her ring finger a gold wedding band, the surface polished and without scratch. On the middle finger of her right hand, is what is commonly referred to as a rolling ring; tricolor, there is a band of rose, white and yellow gold.

Dressed in second hand clothes, there is still the obvious attempt to look neat. A pair of black cargo pants is accompanied by a likewise black, long sleeved, button down shirt. The hem of the shirt drops below waist, but it's not hard to see her weapon tucked there at the small of her back or the PDA on her hip.

Dakota speaks with the smallest of French accents, as her mother raised her speaking the language from a small child. Now fluent in both Chinese, French and English it seems the French has lingered the longest and gives a softened lilt to her words.

Recent History

  • Nov 09, 2523 -- While wondering Evesdown, oogling the ships, she was helped by a young woman named Nikita Isaakovna Ykova. This was soon followed by Remus Jacobs and Tehani, who both are working aboard the Redemption. Quite enamoured with the large, beautiful Trans-U, Dakota inquires about the Captain and employment.


  • Dakota loves to play cards and is often found passing the time playing solitaire.


Meet and Greet with Crew and Kind -- Dakota meets a few people, the foursome adjourn to a bar for drinks.


Coming Soon ....