Daisy Morris

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Daisy Morris


Out of this nettle - danger, we pluck this flower - safety.

Daisy Morris
Full name
  • Daisy Elizabeth Morris
Date of Birth
  • 01/May/2510
  • Father: Jared Morris
  • Mother: Dad never did tell me!
  • None I know of.
  • Heather Jacy
  • Yeah, right.
  • Lieutenant, Interpol, DAS
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Sandy, Green
Education Information

  • The School of Hard Knocks.
Military Service

  • DAS Academy


Daisy grew up not remembering her mother. Her father was always moving them around, going from job to job... but Daisy noticed since she was very young that he was always watching, like he expected someone was looking for them. Her bao bao was a gunhand, though when Daisy was much older she began to believe that he has some sort of military training, but for what side she never knew. He taught her his trade as she grew up, taught her to shoot, to fight, to know when a deal was about to go sour and guns were about to be drawn. What he didn't teach her was how to deal with people, how to have a relationship with another person that didn't require stabbings or taking money for that violence. She never really had a childhood, nor was allowed to play with other children, her father felt it too dangerous considering... considering what Daisy never knew. Her main contact with other people was when she was younger, when her father would hire a whore for her usual services and to watch the girl while he was on a job. Unfortunately, as likely as not the woman would lock the girl in a closet and service other clients while Daisy's father was away. That encouraged Daisy to convince her father to take her with him as soon as he was willing. She would help him where she could, eventually even wielding a gun alongside him. He always said that she had the damnedest knack for seeing ambushes before the trap was sprung.

They both knew it would happen eventually... one day he didn't come back from a job. They had a plan: she was to take the money they had squirreled away and keep moving. He wanted her to retire, set herself up as a gunsmith or a deputy on some Rim planet... but she disobeyed again. She decided to keep with the only life she had ever known. So, she traveled about as always, helping brothels-full of women tell that patron or that not to come back again or take a little money from a poor settlement for helping them defend themselves against bandits.

But then she answered an advertisement on a whim. She found what seemed an almost-normal job. That was on Rickart Bordicchia's 'Pathfinder', as a gun hand. The ship was run fairly loosely, the huge crew kept together mostly by the captain's personal charisma, but there was excitement a-plenty - Lord Takeshi Odori himself often would utilize Rick's crew for Alliance Security operations that needed a certain amount of plausible deniability. This is where Daisy began to get an inkling of what life in the DAS might be like - no more looking over her shoulder while still using her talents for what might be considered 'good'. There were certain stresses among the crew - people were promoted within the crew heirarchy over Daisy despite having less time on the ship, worse was that the captain was going to marry a certain member of the crew that Daisy had some confused feelings about.. this was too much in the end. So, when she saw a DAS advertisement suggesting that people apply for Interpol's Special Response Team, Daisy jumped at the chance.

She went to Londinium and applied, vetted by Director Brennart and put through her paces by several officers (Heather Jacy, and Dyre Esbenson, among others) and was accepted. Of course, she had to go through the Academy, but mostly this was book-work for her - most of the physical parts of the Academy training (marksmanship, martial arts, tactics, fire discipline, etc.) she was able to qualify on already. Thus, she completed a fast-track program and was immediately recruited by Dyre Espenson for a special unit even within the special SRT unit - approved by Director Brennart, Espenson, Heather Jacy, and Daisy travelled to a remote station to search for a lost ship. After a quick investigation they assisted the owners with the collection of their stolen ship. Unfortunately, Dyre disappeared and Heather was reassigned to the IAV Temperance along with the SRT commander Charlene Wong. Though likely Daisy could have transferred as well, she did not think that the life of a naval officer would suit her.

She was with the SRT for a while, it seemed forever... they even promoted her several times. She learned a lot - how to deal with people, how to lead, how to keep people alive to get the mission done. But she also learned that even people in authority aren't always right... in fact, absolute power seems to corrupt absolutely. So, she resigned and joined the crew of 'Guan-Yin II', a hospital ship. The money wasn't as good, but the karma was better.

Yes - the karma was better - Heather Jacy finally agreed to marry Daisy. They were married on Lieutenant Jacy's ship and the couple spent several weeks on a beach on Paquin.

Her employer at the Guan-Yin, Count Salin Fawzy became the DAS Secretary. This opened up an opportunity... Secretary Fawzy needed people he could trust filling offices. So, the Secretary offered her a place again in the DAS - Daisy agreed.

So, Daisy Morris is now a Lieutenant in Interpol. Really. Why would anyone think (or know without digging in records they ought not to be digging) Daisy was actually given an impressive rank in Central Intelligence and her Interpol assignment is just a cover? No, couldn't be.

Recent Events

Daisy is now a Lieutenant in Interpol, tasked with organizing and leading Interpol's Special Response Team.


Daisy is for most part a perfectly normal person, or so she would tell you. She doesn't realize that she is rather dysfunctional. She does not feel it strange that she knows ways to kill someone with a chopstick but has no idea how to make her hair look decent. She doesn't understand why she puts people off, she only tells people the truth!

Daisy has a another problem - she steals things. Not because she is greedy or wants these things, she can't help herself. She sees something small, interesting, and unattended - her palms itch... so they end up in her pocket before she realizes it. Later she will tell herself that someone must have dropped the item, or it fell out of their pocket and she was just keeping it safe for them. She always meant to give it back! Daisy keeps a 'Lost and Found' box with a sign on it atop her desk at SRT HQ, there go the things that have ended up in her 'care', sp anyone missing them can claim them once more.


Daisy is allergic to bees and their related flying beasties, not so much that she will die if she is stung... but she will wish she had. She is also quite afraid of them because of this.

The People

  • [Interpol[1]] Daisy is a Lieutenant in Interpol and head of that organization's Special Response Team (SRT).
  • [Heather Jacy[2]] Daisy's spouse. It's complicated.

RP Hooks

  • Daisy never knew her mother and her father was always running from something. Who was her mother and who was after her father? Does Daisy have relatives looking for her?
  • Daisy is a veteran of quite a few jobs, some with her father and some on her own when she was older. Someone paid for these jobs and there are both victims and people who benefited from her work.
  • Daisy's father had a past, possibly a military one. Was he a Browncoat? Alliance Special Forces? Something else?


[Rasputina, "Things I'm Gonna Do"[3]]

A picture is worth a thousand words.