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Dahans Skill System

Quick and dirty introduction into taskrolls and how your attributes and skill levels factor into them. As well as luck.



So, Dahan's Skill System is a system of stats, skills and rollers that can be used to augment RP. It also provides a certain aspect of luck into the mix. It's a simple, robust system that can be modified to really use any set of skills and feats thus allowing you to customize as you see fit. That's all you need to know, for more, read the CG guide.

Luck? Luck.

Luck is an integral part of DSS. Dumb luck exists, Dahan thought so, and so it does. This is the reason you can pass a 1000 difficulty given the time and also the reason stupid things like a 100,000 difficulty can be passed. However, this is not something you should rely on, as it is meant to only happen in rare occasions.

The Skills

+sinfo list skills

Skills? Skills.

Skills show your training in a given skill. Not how well you perform that skill, only how well versed you are in it. How well you do in it is determined by the skill AND your stats. However, in DSS, this only represents your level of training or aptitude.

Adjusted? Adjusted.

Skills are adjusted based on your stats. They are only adjusted when your skill goes over a stat level that is listed on the +sinfo. What that means is yes, each stat is handled individually.

We're going to look at run for now. The run skill has adjustment modifiers of 15% Strength, 10% Agility and 5% Perception. Say you have run at 20. Your strength is 20, your perception is 20. You suffer no negative adjustment from those two, but no positive either because they're equal. Agility however is 10. Your 20 run will be adjusted negatively by agility because it is higher than your agility stat. It will be adjusted by 10% of your agility weighted the higher your run goes. There's a spreadsheet to figure out what it will be Here.

However, you can have positive adjustments. If your run is 20 and your perception is 20, but your strength and agility are both 40, you will have a higher run than your base run because it will be adjusted positively. You have two stats that are higher than the skill, thus they will contribute a weighted 15% and 10% to your run skill.

Focuses? Focuses.

Focuses are way of adding skills to a category. Run for instance is a skill that has several focuses to define what specific type of running you're proficient in. Engineering is the same way because while all of them are engineering, they each refer to different focuses. Therefore, a skill with focuses is a skill which is not a skill itself, but a category of skills under a common name, such as culture, history and engineering.

Untrained? Untrained.

So what happens when you use a skill untrained? Well, first off, not all skills can be used untrained. You can find that in the skills +sinfo. it's the first line. The skills that can though are determined specifically off your stats rounded down. Why? This is why. In actuality, the adjustment for rolls calculator is an addition calculation of multiple multiplication equations. In other words, see below.

(Adjusted Skill * 0) + (adjusted stat * percentage)..etc. So you never end up with 0. I can show you the math for this for my own example. I do not have run, so my run is 0. I do however have strength at 30, agility at 40 and perception at 50. This is how the math runs down.

0 + (30*.15) + (40*.1) + (50*.05)=0 + 4.5 + 4 + 2.5=11

Now if you don't want to do the math, a little known secret is that taskrolling at 0 gives you your adjusted skill level of any skill, including untrained ones.


I only really want to make one point about stats. Stats may just be more powerful than having a bunch of skills at 70. The reason being is that stats determine overall how well you do at something. You can have all the training in the world, but if you're a rail, you aren't going to do good at swinging a melee weapon. You can have all the training in computer programming you want, but if your technical is a 10, you aren't going to be helping anyone.

Stats play an integral part in several things, most important of which are taskrolls and adjusted skill values. Yes, stats play a part in your taskrolls. They are not simply add ons to determine the adjusted value of the skills you roll, they do and will affect the outcomes of your taskrolls. That's why some people are better than others despite the increased amount of training.

Basically, what I want to say is this. At the end of the day, You are nothing without stats to back up all those super awesome skills at 80.


You have them? You send them to Takeshi in game, yes.