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Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me. -- Immanuel Kant

Full name Elijah Michael Whitaker
Date of Birth 13 October, 2477
Birthplace Three Bends, Harvest
Parents Jebediah & Ruth Whitaker
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Gunhand, Praemia
Gender Male
Status Active
Employment History

10/2532-Present: Praemia
1/2498 - 10/2531: Sheriff of Three Bends


Curly was born Elijah Whitaker on the planet harvest in October of 2477. He grew up in the town of Three Bends, a small farming community that primarily grew corn for the folks on Higgin’s Moon. He had his heart broken when he was 18, and never quite got over it in time to marry. By the time he was 20, he was the deputy sheriff of Three Bends, and he took the position of sheriff proper when he turned 28. Curly ran a tight ship and, as a man of honor, good to his word, he was fairly popular. Straight as an arrow, one of his friends joked that there was only one place on Elijah where you could find anything curly. The joke got passed around, and before long his nickname was all but official.

When the unification war broke out in 2506, Curly was exempted from service because of his position in law enforcement. The town was given a cannon, however, in a half-hearted attempt to provide it with some protection, and Curly was taught to operate it. The sheriff and his townspeople mostly kept their heads down, in hopes that they wouldn’t be noticed or needed until after the war was over. For the most part, they got their wish. A few of the town’s boys died in the fighting, far away, but mostly the place made it through unscathed.

In 2530, a man by the name of Gil Redeagle came into Three Bends with a lot of money. He built a big house and a number of new, fancy establishments that earned him a great deal of popularity. He ran for sheriff in 2531 and, in a crushing defeat for Curly, won the election. Shortly thereafter, a number of Gil’s cronies moved in. Gambling, prostitution, smuggling and other activities became commonplace, with more and more of the town’s youth joining up with Gil for easy money. Curly decided to make a stand and confronted Gil about his shady doings, but by that point it was too late. Gil killed the two farmers who came to see him with Curly, and then burned down Curly’s home. He was told, in no uncertain terms, that he was no longer welcome in Three Bends.

Recent Events

And so, Curly has taken to the stars, an aging Aeneas looking for a new home. He’s got his guns and his love of the law pulled tight about him like a cloak. Much as the night time sky, he’s always seen the world as black and white, but all of that is about to change. A poorly chosen employment opportunity left him stranded on Haven, and as luck would have it, the Captain of the Praemia was there to help him back on to his feet. He's taken a job with that ship as a hired gun.


Curly is a man of the law, first and foremost. He believes strongly in order and rigor in all things and genuinely feels that laws exist to protect and serve the best interests of people. He is extremely organized, fastidiously tidy and a big fan of boundaries. As might be expected, he is also a bit of a traditionalist. If all of this makes him sound like a stick in the mud, never fear...he also loves to cut loose from time to time, and dancing is his favorite way to let his hair down. Or would be if he had any. His view of the law stems largely from a deeply protective streak and a faith in the goodness of man. That faith has lead him into great trouble over his lifetime; while he is smart enough to know his optimism is foolish, he can't help it. Nevertheless, he covers that optimism with an often gruff exterior.

RP Hooks

  • Former Sheriff on Harvest
  • Gunslinger
  • Never Married
  • Fastidious
  • Loves dancing
  • Got run off of his home planet by someone or something.


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