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Full name Vinze "Crow" Tverdovsky
Date of Birth May 11, 2500
Parents Pavel(deceased) and Yasmine/Uncle: Viktor (deceased)
Siblings Four(oldest to youngest) Peter(30m), Yana(27f), Vinze(himself 25m), Klaus(19m), and Mitra(14f)
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Crew Member aboard the Redemption
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue(right),cataract(left)/Black hair
Height and Weight 5'11"/175 pounds
Status Active
Education Information

Home Schooled on Paquin

Military Service


Employment History
  • Past 1: Crew mechanic serving on the local shuttle services.
  • Past 2: Mechanic aboard the Redemption
  • Past 3: Employed in service to a private family on Ezra
  • Past 4: Re-employed by the Redemption
  • Past 5: Operations Staff on the Redemption


Vinze "Crow" Tverdovsky (2500-2522)

Crow was born Vinze Tverdovsky on Paquin to a pair of Romany carnival workers that manned a series of midway game tents. Born into a rather rough and unruly family, Crow spent all of his time being both home-schooled and working the booths. However, his parents were rather rough and was often cuffed on the back of the head when out of line and spent most of his time restocking and cleaning. However, boys will be boys. Many of the local young children, including himself, did tend to learn how to con, pickpocket, and swindle many of the visitors in a series of schemes and were normally flawless in the execution. It was there that Crow gained a whole new series of skills. It was here that he gained his nickname, due to his penchant for finding and "rescuing" people of shiny things.

His uncle Viktor, responsible for his homeschooling, was an old man and rather well versed in martial arts. Deciding that what Crow -really- needed was some discipline, and from that point every afternoon for an hour Crow trained. From kung fu forms to walking a load of bricks in each hand up a steep hill, Crow was rather obedient because his uncle was much more of a parent to him than his own parents were. Gradually over the years it became less of a chore for Crow and more of an obsession, and still to this day is a rather well-trained fighter.


However, at the end of the day...Crow would still have to go home. His room was more of a closet than a bedroom and his home was generally not very happy. His parents had decided to leave the Romany community and were largely shunned, but Crow and his siblings were often 'babysat' by the local Romany to keep their ties to the culture strong. His parents, feeling the need to get some alone time, nearly always obliged. The remainder of his schooling was all done from the inside of caravan wagons and in the care of his people.

Tragedy struck Crow in his late teens with the death of his uncle, Viktor. At the age of eighteen, Viktor succumbed to a long term illness and passed away. The funeral was overseen by the local caravans and after much mourning and revelry for his spirit, Crow was left to his parents. It was a bitter time for him, and he didn't want it any more. Deciding he was going to go off in the world, he received the graces from the local gypsies and took his money and belongings in a packpack towards the shuttleport. He was able to find room and board on a large shuttle that focused on the core worlds, living beneath the decks with the mechanic crew. Seeing it as an apprentice job...he took it.

After four years of working and slaving beneath a lead mechanic that would rather sleep and make him do all of the work, Crow was fired and abandonned on Persephone. The reason for this was because Crow worked up enough venom to demand he be paid a better share. Making the case to the crew, Crow was overruled as the lead mechanic was rather well loved, and was in return accused of being lazy and sleeping on the job. Pickpocketing and conning for more wealth to keep himself in slab-locker hotels, Crow managed to make a contact with the Redemption and was eventually hired on as one of their mechanic crew.

For approximately a year, Crow was a member of the Redemption's crew. Some would say hillarity ensued, others would call it a large bag of issues. There was the time that Crow was auditioning for the crew as he and a few others from the crew found out that the moorings on the cargo stairs was busted. Crow in that situation refused to fix it, laughing, until he made sure that it was part of his audition. He was punched afterwards, but welcomed onboard. Then, of course, there was the time where thugs attacked the ship claiming to kill everyone onboard unless they handed someone over. Crow thought it was a great idea to act like he was selling out the crew to cause a diversion to get Grey a gun. He succeeded but was shot by a crew member in the process. Someone actually apologized to his crazy self that day. Crow is also known to be great at cards when playing for money, but his luck fails in every last game if clothes start getting bet. A black mark on his soul that one is.

After a long, budding relationship with Sam, Crow was delivered seemingly dead to the crew of the Redemption. A victim of three gunshot wounds, he was buried and goodbyes were said. The "strange" circumstances surrounding his death turned out to be alot worse than they were. Crow, ever the stupidly brave, came across a girl being chased by slavers. He succeeded in saving the girl and managed to kill four men in the gunfight before he was gunned down. One of those four men was the nephew of a russian mobster named Danilov. Unoncious, he was delivered to a street-doctor who stabilized his condition. He was then injected with a drug that feigned death and delivered in a casket to his friends and family. After the funeral he was dug back up and disappeared.

A year of torture that claimed part of a finger, an eye, and his left leg ensued. This year of torture was both physical and mental, and resulted in a large mental block otherwise known as amnesia. He still has nightmares of that year of torture, but most of his memory of his previous "life" locked itself in a corner of his mind.

He awoke to the sound of gunfire. He was in a small, dark cell. Effectively crippled and naked, his rescuers informed him that they were employees of his uncle, Kovalev. Kovalev, of course, is a rival russian mobster with no relation to Crow whatsoever, but the case that Kovalev made was iron clad to the amnesiac. Crow was healed and given a cybernetic leg, and would repay his uncle with service as an enforcer in his criminal syndicate.

A year passed.

Everything changed the day that he came across Sam and Kitty, knowing deep inside that he knew them from somewhere. Having reunited with his former crew based off of a series of ghostly recognitions, it was slow moving at first. He knew who they were, but didn't know from where. Immediately he was pulled onto the ship so that they weren't seen out in the open, and the long process of getting Crow up to speed had begun. Mentally, spiritually, and emotionally exhausted, the first few weeks alone were spent sleeping with sheepish moments of not quite wanting to breach the issue. He was an amnesiac, and still today there are memories he hasn't quite retained, but something about discussing his old memories with the good folk of the Redemption he found very awkward in a way that made him feel so vulnerable.

Perhaps it's in his blood, but the drama started fast. Sam, his ex girlfriend from the days before his "death", spent a month away trying to get information on whether or not Crow was going to be followed. It was during this period that his apprehension of living up to the crew's memories over his own (then currently) muddled set of memories started to get the best of him. Waking up with nightmares of his horrible torture, he began to confide in a crew member named Adila Mercedes. When Sam returned and learned of his, a quiet bitter war started and Adila fled the ship's company after a tearful good bye to Crow.

Perhaps Crow should have known then, that the rough road of life was a part of his blood.

The following year was spent getting his mind back into place. He would read his old journals, look at old pictures, and speak with the crew to learn about who he was. Wanting so badly to recapture that lost life or to perhaps jolt those memories back into place, Crow began to weigh his last year as a crime family dog against this supposedly wonderful yet loveable jackass he was explained that he used to be. With few on the crew knowing about his dark and recent history doing bad things for bad people, the headrush of being remembered as a love one started to gnaw at him.

The roller coaster began. With the "ups" being filled with pranks, social dinners, late night Cortex movie marathons, and tattoo parties, the downs were filled with hard waking nightmares, small identity crises, bouts of insomnia, and turmoil in the relationship with himself and Samantha Collins.

Stepping away from the relationship with Sam for a while, Crow began to spiritually seek his own answer to his identity crisis. While he remembered nearly half of his old memories by this point. He turned to meditation, he turned to friends for private conversations about what they thought he should do. This led him to seek the charms of a Companion. A long evening of dinner and conversation strangely began to put things into a sort of perspective for Crow.

It was then that he decided that unless he wanted to drive himself insane, he had to bury crime family enforcer Crow, and walk away from old two-eyed Crow...and live life on his own terms.


Crow began keeping a journal in the days shortly after his "rescue" by Danilov. It's an actual item that he's been known to keep hidden. Inside it details his experiences from when he knew himself to be John Cooper, to returning back to his life as Crow. The earliest entries are in English, but as the journal progresses (you'll see in the writing) it suddenly shifts to a childlike version of Cyrillic. Near the end, all of the entries are one hundred percent in well formed Cyrillic.

((Suggestion: Read from the first entry up to the most current. Also, none of this is IC knowledge unless you've read his journal. This also requires that you know how to speak or translate Russian. Contains R rated violence and language))

Faces from Crow's Past(NPCs)


Crow is a rather odd mix of backwater gypsy and seedy-town carnival folk. Rather fond of practical jokes and the overall ethic to enjoy life while it exists, there isn't much the isn't in the mood for as long as it is uplifting. From bonfire parties to tattoo parties, he's living too fast to die old. More 'rock star' in style than he is anything else, he's not shy of drinking, carousing, and lounging back over a game of cards.


However, deep within this personality is a very deep individual. With strong views on morality, family, and emotion even for a thief, he's a rather strange paradox. Superstitious to a fault, always looking for good and bad portents, he believes that a half-drank bottle on a table is bad luck and many other odd beliefs. A strong believer in karma, he doesn't view his pickpocketing as thievery, but would never steal anything outright sentimental. He focuses on things that more well-to-do people don't take care of themselves, like overused watches and vanity rings. He'd never lie about anything serious to a friend, and he'd never let a friend down. He does what he does for survival and as a trade....never to ruin lives.


Recently, Crow has taken up some of the tenets of Bushido and Zen Buddhism. During his meditative periods to keep his mind calm (which does tend to help with the nightmares), he's come across some Earth-that-was literature about the life of the Samurai. Already knowing how to use a sword from his uncle's training, he discovered that in his old trunk of things before his "death", a katana was inside. Not knowing if it was a previous interest of his or not, it was a golden moment for him. It was a bridging of the gap. He wants something better for himself, but he can't do it through selfish means anymore. Perhaps it's guilt from his days as an enforcer, perhaps it's pennance from his secrets from those private stories of the pain he's caused other people, but a charitable vein has been unearthed in Crow.


A bit of a strange core of fasion, Crow mainly focuses on home-altered clothing that is typically found on the carnivals at Paquin. Bandanas, heavily modified pants and boots, suspenders left hanging, and shirts with strange designs and characters on them. Again, the 'rock star' style fashion isn't aside from him. Rarely seen without a bag of homemade wolfsbane and a silver cross around his neck, he also regularly wears cheap but sentimental rings on his fingers and chain wallets to protect his money.

His black hair, usually kept just past his shoulders, is sometimes found with a few strips of color dyed in. He sometimes grows in a small patch of hair beneath his lip and grows his sideburns down to his earlobe. However, he can't change (only cover) the mural of tattoos and designs that cover his body. His arms, shoulders, back, and some parts of his chest and legs carry a large collection of tattoo art that he seems rather fond of.

Of course, now that he's back from the dead, his body carries the scars of his penance. His left eye bears a series of painful looking vertical scars from eyebrow to cheek. His orbital, jaw, and cheek have been replaced with multiple subdermal plates, and his left eye has been left a demolished cataract that he prefers to hide under an eyepatch. Also, his left leg was severed just above the knee. It has been replaced by a cybernetic implant that is complete with mechanical toes. It only gives him a miniscule limp, but functions every bit as a normal leg does. Lastly, his body is not mangled, but there are signs of bulletwounds, power drill, cuts, burns, and electrical shocks all around his body. His tattoo art covers much of it up, but it's still visible.

Recent History

  • Currently employed as a mechanic/engineer on the Redemption.
  • After being fired and scrounging up money, Crow found himself at Eavesdown looking for either work or cheap transportation to where he could find work. It was there that he came across Syna, a medic on the Redemption, that became his initial contact. Claiming she'd ask if they were hiring while she was sick with the flu, Crow continued to wait.
  • Waiting, Crow eventually met Captain Grey and managed to secure a probationary test run -and- come down with the flu at the same time. His skills were tested early as on his way up the main catwalk of the cargo bay, the moorings came loose and he had to tighten them to avoid Sam, Pixie, and himself from falling. Much hillarity ensued as after he made a joke to Pixie, she attacked him.
  • After two weeks, one of them ill and getting in maintenance while he could, Crow managed to secure his landed employee status on the Redemption.
  • Crow has recently lost his life trying to save that of a young girl during unknown events.
  • Was unearthed and revived to suffer a year's worth of horrible torture.
  • "Rescued" by a russian crime lord claiming to be his uncle. Entered service as a low level mob enforcer.
  • Disappeared from Ezra and the russian crime syndicate after making contact with a former crew mate.
  • 2523 - Starting to put the pieces together.
  • 2523 - Christmas, Crow received a Husky pup as a present, naming him "Murphy"



Themed Music

((Disclaimer, some of these may have profane language))

This Night - Black Lab (Doesn't get any more Crow than this)

Believe in Nothing - Nevermore

The Heart Gently Weeps - Wu Tang Clan

And When He Falleth - Theatre of Tragedy

Duality - Slipknot

Hallowed Be Thy Name - Cradle of Filth (Iron Maiden cover)

The Morning After - Faith No More

Haunted - Disturbed

Born - Nevermore

I Walk Alone - Iced Earth

Change In the House Of Flies - Deftones

Quicksand Jesus - Skid Row

When Darkness Falls - Killswitch Engage


-"Did... Did you just turn this into a food fight?" His voice is somewhere between anger and disbelief. His brain is still processing all of this, so for now he just sits there. (Remus) "He's crow" Maggie says "You expect him to fight fair?" (Maggie)

Requiem for Crow


Fly away upon raven black wings

Away from the weight of the world

Be free, fly fast and steady

Let yourself be lifted to Heaven

To find peace among the Black

Among the stars and the silence

Please watch over us

Be with us always just as you’ll always be loved

Eternally and steadfast, without limit

For as long as the ‘Verse has stars within its depths

Godspeed, Crow. And may peace be unto you, always.

- Poem written by Katherine 'Kitty' Johnson, June 13, 2522