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Full name Cristovao Xavier Vasconcellos
Date of Birth November 1, 2505
Parents Cesar Vasconcellos and Beatriz Xavier
Siblings Numerous (Work In Progress)
Assignment First Mate of the Leviathan
Specialization Piloting
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark hazel eyes, dark brown hair
Height and Weight 6'0", 170 lbs.
Status Inactive


Early life

Cristovao Xavier Vasconcellos was born and raised on Santo, throughout the duration of the war where Santo saw some of its roughest times. His parents, Beatriz and Cesar are important to him, as are his siblings, though he doesn't appear to be terribly close to any of his family now. He is known for having left at a young age in his teens for work on a freighter that specialized in running garbage out to the rim worlds. At some point it is know that the owner passed away and the company was dissolved, and Cristovao's next employment was with a slaver ship. The ship that he was on, then co-piloting was raided by the Alliance however, and he was taken in. He spent a short time in jail on Persephone before being realized shortly thereafter. And so his story begins...

IC Timeline

- March, 2525 -

 Joined the Pirate Commonwealth.
 Received an appointment as Midshipman for the Arctic
  Raider II, under Pirate Lord and Captain Templeton
 Met the Pirate King Frost.

- April, 2525 -

 Conceptualized the Pirate Commonwealth Nobility system.
 Received an immediate promotion to Lord of the Commonwealth.
 Received a promotion to First Mate of the Leviathan,
  under Captain Duchess Nysacire.