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Normally character history would go here, but I'm using this space for some basic instructions.

Create a wiki account, click edit on the tabs at the top of this page. Copy all of it and paste it to word pad or some other text editing program. Replace the information with your own. Do a search for your character's name and when it doesn't show up click create this page. Copy your edited template from word and paste it onto the new page.

To upload a photo, click upload file in the toolbox on the left of the page. Make sure to use something easy to remember as the destination file name. (Tristen.jpg, Tristen2.jpg, are some examples of how to rename your images, but use your own character name.) Replace anything that has sample in the .jpg filename in this template with your own filename.jpg.

An asterisk in front of something will add the little blue bullet point.

To add more pictures in the gallery section, just hit enter and add the next one with the same syntax as the first, using your uploaded files.

You can find a list of wiki color codes here: Just replace the letters/numbers after the # sign with the appropriate code for the color you want. So B22222 would be CD5C5C if you wanted your section titles to be Indian Red.

If you have questions about this template, feel free to contact Tristen in game.

If you would like a few personalized banners for your page, feel free to contact Tristen in game.

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  • Mal's nickname is Captain Tightpants.

The People

  • Tristen ~ Double brackets are how you link a name to another page.

RP Hooks

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"Mal's Song" by Michelle Dockery, Sample Video

A picture is worth a thousand words.