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Full name Coulter Stephen Conrad
Date of Birth July 27, 2504
Parents Mother: Catherynn Father: James
Spouse Alise, deceased
Assignment Security Ricochet Arms
Gender Male


He's not unkempt but maybe tousled, his dark brown hair bearing faint waves and not quite reaching his shoulders. His eyes are grayish green, though more so the latter, and his goatee and mustache are dark brown, though more sparse than full. His nose isn't straight, maybe broken at some point in time and for all his tough features there is a baby-face quality as well. He stands right at 5'10 and while not rail thin, he has no extra padding, the musculature of his body hinting at his fitness.



Down to earth and quiet most of the time but like a brewing storm, there is something restless beneath the surface. There is a bitterness that surfaces now and again but a larger part of him that wishes he could be happy again.



Everyone has one. He has his own sob story and he's not likely to share it unless pressed and even then it's likely to be choice bits and pieces. Just enough to seem revealing without telling all. It's not all that easy to tell people that your dad left your mom with 3 little mouths to feed, that she whored herself out to make ends meet which it never did, that you pick pocketed and stole your way to prison, that when you finally got out you met a girl you loved more than anything and married her, that after you married her she was murdered, that you found /most/ of her, and that you can't rest until someone pays. Hell, it's not even easy to think about, let alone say.


Alise Gabriella Conrad


"If you ever mislead or hurt her in any way, I'll serve your balls to you on a plate, we clear?"-Said to Shuya regarding Coulter's sister, Chandra_Conrad.