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Full name Shelly Corrigan
Date of Birth 1 January, 2500
Parents Undisclosed
Siblings Undisclosed
Specialization Pilot, Negotiator
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel / Dark Brown
Height and Weight 5'6" (168 cm) / 125 lbs (57 kg)
Status Inactive
Employment History


Corrigan is a freelancer, with skills as a transport pilot and negotiator, operating primarily out of Persephone.

She is a new character and open to conversations regarding hooks into her history or opportunities for roleplay.


Her eyes would be hazel, if they ever stopped long enough to get a good look. No longer wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, the constant glances and rigidity of her posture belie a hyperawareness of her surroundings. Stiff muscles grip her shoulders, eliciting the occasional roll of the shoulders or stretch of the neck. Her slenderness lacks in the musculature of one who lives a harder physical life, lending more to the incongruity. However, she doesn't lack for attention to her appearance, for her skin is smooth, her lips tender, eyebrows plucked and her dark, chestnut brown hair brushed and shiny. Even the faint mole on her right cheek seems well-tended.

Her choices in clothes run to the form fitting with a hodgepodge of textures. A simple white tube top forms the basis for her torso, with a curious marriage of a vest and a balconette bra wrapping tightly over it in dark brown leather. Matching leather pants stretch around her legs, flaring below the knee to shield sensible boots.


She is paranoid and anxious about perceived threats to her from people who may be interested in taking revenge on what her father did to them. She always on guard and hyper-sensitive. She is secretive and distrustful. Once her trust is gained, though, she is loyal and grateful and may even act like a normal human being.

She is a traditionalist and a conservative. She believes in family values (albeit one that approves of Companions). She has a personal Code of Honour, but it has been broken periodically in times of desperation. She will not kill someone in cold blood. While she hasn't been tested, she will kill if it's necessary to defend herself. She values loyalty and integrity.

OOC Background

The following information is not commonly known and is here only for interest and potential use as plot hooks. Please contact me in-game before using any of the information listed below.

  • Her real name is Dahlia Benjamin (b. 1 January 2500) on Londinium. Her parents are Joseph (b. 2448, d. 2519) and Judith Benjamin (b. 2469). She has two elder sisters, Hannah (b. 2492) and Rebecca (b. 2494).
  • At the age of twelve, she was sent to Sihnon for Companion training.
  • In 2519, her father was exposed for fraud in his investment banking business, a Madoff-like collapse on an interplanetary scale. Her father was killed by a goon squad sent by an investor--in actuality, he committed suicide before they got to him--and her mother crippled in the attack.
  • The disgrace and disappearance of funds forced Dahlia to withdraw from her training at the Guild and care for her crippled mother.
  • Unable to handle the duress of caring for another, let alone someone disabled, Dahlia cracked and dumped her mom off at Hannah's home and fled to the Border Planets. She cut off all communications with her family.
  • She took the name Shelly Corrigan and traveled the planets until she ran out of luck and money.
  • One evening on Persephone in 2522, she was accosted by a small gang nearly killed, were it not for the intervention of a bar patron.
  • The bar patron took pity on her and taught her the streets and a few critical skills to give her a fighting chance on the streets.
  • She dated a pilot for a year, flying with him and learning from him until he traded up for a younger and more "liberal" woman.