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Wash: "Come on, it's not that bad."
Zoë: "It is. It's a Core planet. It's spotless, it's got sensors, and where there ain't sensors there's Feds. All central planets are the same."
― "Ariel" episode

news Central Planets

The Central, or Core, planets were the first to be terraformed and colonized. They now support the largest populations and are among the richest planets in the 'verse. These worlds offer the best in schooling, health care and employment. The crime rates here are also the lowest, bordering on non-existent, thanks to the ever-present scanning devices of the authorities. Though, needless to say, this doesn't mean that there aren't those who manage to slip past the watchful eye of the Alliance now and then.

Most of the worlds orbiting White Sun are considered Core worlds, though a few are considered Border worlds instead.

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