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Copper, aka Firefly
Full name Grace "Copper" O'Malley
Date of Birth 6th February, 2501
Birthplace Three Hills
Parents Floyd and Louella O'Malley
Siblings 8 brothers; 1 sister dead
Spouse Sawyer Kandross
Children Hunter, 10; Regina, 2
Assignment Corsair, Leviathan
Specialization Military
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue; Red
Height and Weight 5'2"; 98 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information


Military Service


The Physical Illustration

If she stood up, this young woman would probably only reach about 5'2"... Not exactly an intimidating height for a female. But there's no denying her gender, either; a lithe body toned by activity is softened by well-proportioned curves. She looks about in her earliest twenties, perhaps, with a youthful face competing with more mature carriage.

Long, burnished red hair falls in loose curls from a utilitarian ponytail, left to shine with impeccable care. Her heart-shaped face is marked by high cheekbones, a slender nose, and full, curving lips, giving her an almost doll-like look. Her milky skin is sprayed with light freckles across her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose. Her eyes stand out, however. Distinctive against the red of her hair, they are a bright azure blue, ringed with a deeper sapphire and streaked with lighter rays of sky blue, and the thick smudge of her curling lashes defines their shape even further.

Despite the obvious femininity of her frame, she seems to do her best to play that down by wearing unisex clothes in neutral tones. A simple white tee tucks into a pair of military style brown cargo pants, which in turn tuck into simple brown spacer boots. A brown flight jacket covers her torso, usually left open, and a simple holster is attached to her left thigh.

In addition, several tattoos can be seen sprinkled across her skin. They are done in rich Celtic Woad after the manner of the people of Three Hills. On her right forearm is a band of the indigo dye: an intricate bit of knotwork involving loops and dots; her left shoulder is done up in an ornate, swirling geometric pattern that captures the tribal aspect of her homeworld. And even on the left side of her face, surrounding the left eye and spilling from brow over the cheekbone, a large angular spiral gives this most Irish looking of lasses a decidedly warlike air; it is framed by tribal swells and swirls to cast a feminine slant to the design.

The Mental Depiction

Copper... Well, she's a bit of a tough little thing. Not the toughest, not the best. Just... Maybe she doesn't know how to back down once she's in something. She might get her ass handed to her, but she'll make her enemy feel it too. She's used to pain. Used to being beat up. Used to being in danger. Maybe that's made her hard. Or maybe it's just given her a hard shell.

She's got a pretty open 'so what' policy about her life. Pragmatic. But when she blows, her temper matches her hair. She likes to work out, likes being physical, doesn't like showing her soft side too much. She's got a few dreams, but she isn't chasing after 'em like she's got all the world to gain. She just takes life like it is. Kill or be eaten. Or worse.

The Basic Past of Copper


Copper is a girl who grew up on the Rim with a rough family: ie, guns and alcohol with lots of violence and little love. She's got a temper to match her hair and a cool finger on her guns. She's set off now to get off that gorram backwater planet and plans on making some money being the gun-toting spitfire that she is.

Well that -was- her plan. She ended up getting to Persephone, then hitching a ride to New Tortuga to join up with the Pirate Commonwealth. After some words exchanged, Frost let her in as a Sprog on the Arctic Raider II. Within a few days, 'Firefly' (as she had been dubbed) had the chance to prove her worth. Space Vikings ended up trying to take over Three Hills. So back Copper went with the others and took out several key vikings with well-placed kill shots to the head. Including one of the Viking leaders. She was awarded her Mark and promoted to the rank of full Corsair on the Raider.

After a little while, she hooked up with another Corsair by the name of Sawyer Kandross. One thing led to another, and the couple soon found out that they were expecting. By now the First Mate of the Leviathan, Sawyer had Copper transfered to his quarters on the ship, where she still serves as a Corsair. Under the direction of both the Crown Minister Roberto and the Admiral Frost, Copper had her son Hunter (NPC) moved to the space station from his home on Three Hills.

And so that's where she is.

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