Conrad Grey

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Conrad Mathius Grey

Fancy footwork, lightning reflexes and a cocky grin

Conrad Grey
Full name
  • Conrad Mathius Grey
Date of Birth
  • Father: Trevor Grey
  • Mother: Marissa Grey
  • Gregory Grey
  • Vincent Grey
  • None
  • None
  • Security expert and professional collector
  • Male
Education Information

Alliance High School dropout


Born on Ariel to an impoverished family that already had their hands full with two other boys, Conrad Mathius Grey wasn't ever raised in a home of happy thoughts and lollipops. While it's true that he was lucky enough to be born on one of the more prosperous Core worlds, it is also true that these worlds have just as many cracks in the system as others - you just gotta know where to look, one would say.

Attending the low end public schools provided Conrad with two very important life lessons: people are violent and violence can solve a lot of problems. With little in the way of supervision and a young life filled with hardships, many of the children at the school resorted to establishing a pecking order by physically overpowering the new kids. A history of violent outbursts at the school was reported, but due to its more public funding, they went uncontested.

Being taught by his brothers to defend himself helped at first - he'd win some fights and lose others, but he remained in the middle of most of the rankings among the other school patrons. With Trevor Grey always on business, Conrad was never truly able to speak to his dad about 'the right course of action' or what to do in situations such as this. It came to be that Conrad's infamous bad luck would lead him to be constantly blamed for the fights, even if it wasn't he whom had thrown the first punch.

The schooling system didn't change throughout the rest of his life, but Conrad's approach did. Paying for courses at a young age by doing manual labour, Conrad improved his skills with his martial prowess in order to establish his dominance in the field. As he continued training, he continued winning and soon enough was regarded in a high enough position not to be messed with, something he thought was a boon in his existence. Alas, his ability to cause harm did little to change his luck.

When born into a low class society on a high class world, there are only so many places you can start and if you had caused injury to most of the sons of the owners, well, work was even more likely to pass you by. After taking odd jobs after school for a few years, Trevor Grey offered his son a position on his father's business arrangements. Conrad accepted and began to work for the family business.

The family business, so to speak, was working as a 'broker' or sorts. When people weren't able to keep up their money to Trevor's employers, Conrad and his friends would pay them a visit with various metal objects and ensured they understood that payment was a good option. Needless to say, it wasn't Conrad's first choice as a career, but he excelled at providing the right pressure.

One job lead to another and another, soon enough, Conrad was 'in' as one of the regulars of the crew. Things escalated, as they normally do, from protection to robbery, the crew began to expand their criteria under the watchful eye of Trevor whom called the shots.

So it was that on the final job the crew ever had, the fecal matter made a rather nice collision with the fan. A simple diamond heist went south rather quickly when the alarm Conrad had disabled went off. Within seconds the Alliance feds were storming the building, tear gas and stun guns at the ready. In the sudden confusion, only Conrad had the presence of mind and the physical prowess to escape before the entire place had become swarmed with the fuzz.

Having escaped, Conrad immediately went back to the safe house and reported in. The voice of his father had a certain disturbing note to it as he told his son to stay put and that he'd fix everything. Having learned the hard way that survival meant looking out for oneself, Conrad took off and snagged the first flight on a lowly freighter to another star.

Now wanted by both the Ariel police for multiple counts of robbery and the Ariel underworld for supposedly snitching to the feds, Conrad tries to stay low on the radar by remaining outside of the core.

Even with his entire life being surrounded by violence, betrayal and the worst luck, Conrad seems to keep a smile on his face. Whether he's being beaten black and blue or has just been shot, a quick quip isn't far off his lips and more often than not, his mouth was the reason for his current predicament.

Recent Events

  • Joined the crew of the Shu Chang as a security guard - recruited by Kenthadus
  • Met up with childhood friend Lillith and secured her passage as a pilot on the Shu Chang


Conrad's personality is generally optimistic. He's got a tune on his lips and a smile plastered across his face at almost every conceivable time during the day. While he's had a short end of the stick for most of his life, he doesn't seem phased by it except when people make mention of his 'violence' as being a part of him. He's well controlled and does get angry, but it's not a common occurrence. He's somewhat lax in almost everything he does, often putting as little physical effort as required.


  • Nickname on Ariel's Crew: Rad
  • Nickname given by close friends: Connie
  • Has obvious Irish ancestry
  • Practices three styles of martial arts

The People

  • Lillith - Friend from Ariel, met back when teenagers. Was shot by her father for being a bad influence.
  • Kenthadus - Current captain on the Shu Chang - Conrad sees Kent as 'the guy who calls the shots' on the Shu Chang

RP Hooks

  • Ariel organized crime
  • Alliance crack down on warrants
  • Random bounties
  • Protecting people
  • Hunting people
  • Cook-offs... for some strange reason



Songs thought of when creating character:

  • P.O.D.: Boom
  • Gary Jules: Mad World
  • The Corrs: Haste to the wedding
  • Sick Puppies: Riptide

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