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Connie Saint
Full name Constance Anne Saint
Date of Birth 18th December 2485
Birthplace Zenda City, Ariel
Parents Admiral Liam and Marie Saint (née Deschamps)
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children Apparently, one, to her surprise
Assignment Captain, ABS Destiny
Specialization Astrogation, Command
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green, Red
Height and Weight 5'2", 105 lb
Status Active
Military Service


Captain Constance Anne "Connie" Saint, ABS Destiny

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A promising Alliance officer (it ran in the family, as her father was an Admiral), she was navigation officer on the IAV Tsinghai when the Unification War started. She rose to First Officer and then to Captain after a series of actions in which she distinguished herself. She was part of one of the many Alliance orbital raids on Shadow: the Tsinghai, along with the IAV Beijing under Captain Don Slayton, and the IAV Hermes under Captain Gene Lovell, were charged (by Alliance officer Adam Myatt) to drop some experimental weaponry which (on monitoring of surface transmissions after the first one) appeared to be bio-weapons. Connie refused on principle, and Myatt took over command of the Tsinghai and subsequently had her court-martialled.

She was discharged (by her own father, who disowned her), and after a time began a career as a Freelancer, eventually acquiring her own ship (the Zun Yan). Some while later, Myatt decided to clean up the evidence of those who knew about what went down over Shadow, arranging for the assasination by Independent sympathisers (led by one Ivan Cryczek) of all the ranking officers with knowledge, and nearly Connie herself, who was forced to fake her own death for a few months until she caught up with Myatt and Cryczek. The latter shot the former, and was delivered to the Alliance by Connie.

Sometime after that, Connie was kidnapped off the Zun Yan, and held for a long while before being rescued by the Alliance. She's not entirely clear who pulled what strings, but she was formally pardoned, reinstated as an Alliance officer in 2527... Obviously not everyone agreed, since she was assigned, after a short time on the IAV Phoenix, to a second-rate APC patrolling as far away from any political issues as possible, on which every slacker, ne'er do well and trouble causer in the Alliance seemed to get dumped as crew. Connie, being Connie, still managed to get her crew of misfits to work as a unit and (for the most part) respect her, for all they were stuck doing routine patrol duty on the Rim for five years.

Connie was discharged under the 20 year Veteran rule in 2535. Or rather, a loophole in it, since her service was only over 20 years if you count it as uninterrupted. She had a (perfectly reasonable) suspicion that someone wanted her out of Alliance service (or never wanted her back in!) and had just found a loophole that actually they could have exploited years ago. She was torn. Would she like to wear the purple again? Yes. But she was a bit disillusioned with the whole thing now: it's... kind of not the Alliance she believed in (although there's clearly a faction within it that is).

However? When Destiny comes calling? You don't turn it down. And in this case it was the ABS Destiny, a newly commissioned Alliance Battlecruiser. Hers to command...


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  • 2506: graduated, Ariel Military Academy, Lt, appointed Nav Officer, IAV Tsinghai under Captain Mike Lewins
  • 2507: distinguished herself in opening actions of Unification war. Promoted, Lt Commander, First Officer, IAV Tsinghai due to injury to Commander Danes, XO.
  • 2509: conspicuous gallantry award for saving IAV Tsinghai after attack by kamikaze Independent shuttle. Promoted, Captain, IAV Tsinghai due to death of Captain Lewins. Leads an operation to take out an Independent post on Beylix.
  • 2510: courtmartialed (Admiral Newton, Vice Admiral Saint) for direct refusal to obey order in combat over Shadow as part of attack force including IAV Tsinghai, IAV Beijing (Capt Slayton) and IAV Mercury (Capt Lovell), dishonourably discharged
  • 2510-2515: a collection of assorted menial jobs, including stable-hand on Whitefall
  • 2515: hospitalised with a dislocated jaw for a period of time on St. Albans after a mugging by some Browncoat sympathisers.
  • 2515-17 crew for various merchant ships
  • 2518: registered as ship's Captain, Alliance surplus Hoplite-class ex-military transport IMV Zun Yan
  • 2519: presumed killed by same assassin as Lovell, Slayton and her father over the course of a few weeks. Reappears about 5 months later, handing the culprit (one Ivan Cryczek) over to Alliance.
  • 2520: spokesperson of a loose association of merchant captains in a trade dispute with a Border trade guild.
  • 2526: kidnapped from IMV Zun Yan. Some while later, the Zun Yan (and crew) vanishes, where to is not known. Entirely possible she is still out there under another name/ID.
  • 2527: rescued from an out of the way compound on St. Albans by Alliance Marines led by Maj Kerri Briggs. Captors still unknown (as far as Connie knows.) Courtmartial struck off record, readmitted, Lt, Nav Officer IAV Phoenix, patrol duty, Border and near Rim
  • 2528: brevetted to Captain, IAV Phoenix
  • 2529: reassigned to Captain, APC Katana.
  • 2535: released under a loophole in the 20 year Veteran rule.
  • 2535: reinstated, appointed Commanding Officer, IAV Maelstrom for about two weeks before Maelstrom is mothballed and she is transferred to the ABS Destiny as its Captain.

Plot Hooks

(Feel free to page the player if you want to work with any of these)

As one of the Alliance's best and most moral officers (up until the time she was court-martialed) there are factions within the Alliance (one Commander Laura Parker is a part of this, but Connie has no idea she exists) who wanted her reinstated: she believes they were responsible for her rescue in 2528, but still has no idea *why* she was kidnapped. There's also clearly a faction within the Alliance who sees her as a dangerous liability, and hence managed to pull strings and get her a) assigned to a dull, dead-end duty and b) retired from service at the first available chance.

<Public> Dobson says, "All being taken under consideration. It just really bothers me that we're one game, however I do not want people to every think like the game is just a space where they can run their own own mini-games with people they would prefer. So I want OOC communication, I like open conversations, but in order for us ever to get into a major grid wide plot, not...a multi-org plot, I mean a plot that /effects every darn body/, we have to learn and accept we have to be a community and a family."

Character quirks

  • From the 2528 Alliance calendar. It took a drink or two.
    Prefers to run nav comp updates by hand, just so she knows what's changing in the 'verse
  • Intuitive navigator with a knack for visualising and analysing multiple courses in 3D
  • Likes strong, cold (not iced) black coffee. Most of her crews got into the habit of brewing an extra-strong pot for Connie and letting it go cold.
  • Interest in 20th century spaceflight. Her prized possessions were an original (probably last ever) paperback edition of Jim Lovell's "Lost Moon" from about 2030, and a reproduction of an Apollo program star-sighting device, both of which went missing with the Zun Yan.
  • Packs a Colt. Used to belong to her predecessor as Captain of the IAV Tsinghai
  • Left-handed, but shoots two-handed.
  • Wears a very solid non-regulation issue mans watch, formerly property of the pilot of the IAV Tsinghai.
  • Has a sometimes maddeningly photographic memory for chapter and verse of Alliance military regulations and laws.
  • Afraid of heights.
  • Has a recurring nightmare:

It started, not surprisingly, after Danny died. I'd find myself on the bridge of the Tsinghai, in an EVA suit with Lt. Mackay for company, and the whole scene would play out the same way it happened: Mackay drawing a gun on me, me shooting him, twice... And then, every time, the floating bodies of my friends and comrades would start to drift, slowly and inexorably, towards me: to start with, it would just look like random motion, until, one by one, they're all facing me, Captain Lewis, Mackay, Will Andrews, accusing fingers outstretched, pointing at me. Led by Danny, face distorted, like all the others, by the relentless vacuum of deep space.

He's saying something. I can't make out what it is. And I have to know, have to find out what he wants me to hear. And every gorram time, I reach up to take my EVA helmet off, let out the bubble of precious air that surrounds me so that there's a medium for the sound waves to travel from his lifeless lips to my ears.

It's a whisper, so soft on the dying air I have to strain to make it out as my lungs struggle to sustain me.

"You didn't care enough to save me."

The others take up the words, till, impossibly, it becomes a roar that drives the breath from my body, makes my head spin and my vision cloud.

I always wake up screaming. Soundlessly. In space, goes the old old saying, no-one can hear you...


  • "I am, and always will be, loyal to the ideal and the concept that is the Alliance. And for the good of the Alliance, the good of that ideal, I have remained silent when perhaps I should not; I have asked others to refrain from actions that would damage the fragile peace we have here. I have willingly thrown away my career as an officer because things I could not countenance were being done in the name of what I believed in."
  • From a 2519 diary entry after her father's funeral: "I wish I could have spoken to him just once more. Doesn't everyone say that when someone dies? There's a couple of things Mum said before the funeral, before the vultures descended, all those too polite, snide Navy friends of Dad's, and froze me out, that made me realise that, for all he didn't like me any more, he still loved me. Our paths just differed because he believes... believed... that loyalty to the Alliance means obedience, and I have to believe there are bad orders, that principles matter more sometimes.... and my Dad was responsible in part for one of those bad orders."
  • "Don't underestimate me. The last person who did that walked straight into a sniper bullet I'd set up for him."
  • Aftermath of a game of hoopball on the IAV Phoenix: "Hon, you're 3" taller than me, probably about 20lbs heavier than me, and I'd wager you can bench about 50lbs more than I can." She unties her hair, shakes the damp strands loose about her shoulders. "All I have going for me is age and low cunning."

Related NPCs

Commander Laura Parker

Laura Parker

Apparently a Commander in the Alliance Navy, but seems to have an unusual amount of influence for someone at that rank. Responsible for Connie's reinstatement in 2527, and possibly for arranging her rescuse as well.

Major Kerri Briggs

Kerri Briggs

Major in the Alliance Marines. Formerly bodyguard to Admiral (then Captain) Don Slayton, who was one of the other Captains privy to the events leading to Connie's court-martial. Is apparently now working for Laura Parker, and led the rescue of Connie after her kidnapping in 2527.

Given the first time they spoke, she called Connie a traitor, Connie hit her, and Briggs didn't cite her for striking an Alliance officer, they get on remarkably well on the rare occasions they meet, if a little formally.

From Connie's journal back in 2519: "I can't decide if hitting her was a mistake or somehow exactly the right thing to do. Don Slayton was a great judge of people: he wouldn't have chosen her for his aide/bodyguard unless she was right for the job: unfortunately, two of the skills you need for that are to be detail obsessed and loyal to a fault. I think she just hurts at present. He's dead, killed right under her nose in public, and she thinks she failed him. And then my Dad dies, and there's an obvious connection. In a way, I can hardly blame her. God help whoever did do it, especially if it's true what she said, and Dad's was sabotage. She has to talk to Gene. Apart from helping her understand the truth, there's a real possibility he's in danger."

Dr. Leigh-Anne Duckworth

Leigh-Anne Duckworth

Formerly medical officer aboard the IAV Tsinghai, retired to practice gynaecology at the medical centre on Greenleaf, Coming up on retirement from that.

Lt. Commander Denise Taylor

Lt Commander Denise Taylor

Formerly Connie's exec on the IAV Tsinghai. Transferred after Connie's court-martial to a Rim patrol vessel, now piloting a desk somewhere out of the way in the Core for the Alliance Navy (handling Navy procurement on Ariel, if truth be known). Rumoured to have a drink problem.


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