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This woman stands five feet and seven inches tall. Her head is covered in large dark mahogany ringlets. The soft curls flow past her shoulders to the middle of her back. The curls are very subtle and controlled. The mahogany in also graced with colors of gold, black and white. Her face is soft but angled. She has high cheek bones. Her eyes are inward slanted. Her right eye is cerulean blue and her left eye is dark green. Her nose is small. Her plump, rose petal lips are tinted peach. Her teeth white and perfectly straight. Her jaw line soft and rounded. Her neck is pale and thin. The soft flesh unmarked. Her neck softly angles into her shoulders.

Her shoulders are pale and thin. They are covered in a black fitted shirt. The sleeves are cupped and the black is pure. Her collar bones are defined and sharp. Her chest is muscled and her breasts small. They are rounded and move as she breathes. Her arms are thin and toned into defined muscles. In standing they look firm but soft. In combat the muscles become obvious though they still fit her body perfectly. Her wrist are thin and have a two inch leather band on each wrist. Her hands are soft and bony. They also are slightly calloused. Their bony and veiny look make them seem weak but they are stronger then they look. Down to the outline of her rib cage and then the soft cotton holds to her flat and toned stomach. The muscled stomach flexing with her every breath. As her hips curve outwards your eyes naturally follow along the muscled V.

Her hips soft and rounded. Each side leading to a toned leg. Her backside is rounded and dimples are clearly evident and yet they are a nice compliment to her thin and toned figure. The black cotton pants start midway down her hips and are fitted down her legs. Her legs are strong but still thin. The dark fitted pants flow over her thighs and down to crinkle at her knees before continuing down her long calves to her feet. Her feet are about a size eight and are covered in a thick leather combat boot. Most of the boot is covered by the fitted pants. The part you can see has a strap of leather across the top that ties itself off in a belt lock. The thick soles of the boots heavily treaded.


Colt is one of the only people in the verse not afraid to take what she wants and give nothing back. She has the personality of a pirate but she has a heart of gold. Colt tends to pilfer things that she finds. She tends to hord money...but mostly guns.

Colt tends to be slightly paranoid. Her past has made her look around before stepping. She is also hooked. Yes...she is hooked on alcohol. When she is stressed she tends to drink to relieve that stress. She can be frequently seen with a flask in her pocket, hand or mouth. She also leaning towards a slightly OCD personality. Everything in it place or she looses her mind.

She is highly sacastic and will call someone out for odd behaviour. She is also very emotionally driven. She tends to be very emotional about everything she does.


Not much is known about Colt's background. She grew up on Lilac. Her parents were farmers and were killed in a Reaver raid. She grew up with her grandmother and grandfather. She was taken under the wing of her grandmother, Diana Colt.

Diana Colt was a well known bounty hunter. The woman was infamous for knowing where to find anyone even if they had vanished for years. No one really knows how she did this but her skills as a bounty hunter were highly advanced. Misha learned how to defend herself from her grandmother and she also learned most of her skills from the old hunter.

Colt was then employeed by her grandmother in training to become a bounty hunter. Colt though didn't want a life of criminals and left after her grandmothers passing to find honest work with honest people. She went for a walk in Persephone's docks and found a man sitting on the ramp of a ship. From then she would never turn back.

Currently she is working for the Dark Dragon. Its ships crew is her family and she has become very protective of them. She is planning to stay with the Dragon as long as it flies.

While on the Dragon, she under went surgery for a lodged in bullet in her shoulder. While in recovery she learned to cook and became very good. She cooked for the crew beside her captain. She is now back on her post.

She currently has a project underway to make a certain Merc more human and friendly. This project seems impossible right now but head way is being made. The Merc is smiling more that alone is a victory.

After a long hiatus, Colt returns to the Dragon a new person and loosing most of her family.


RP Hooks

Drinking? - I drink...a lot...

Dark Dragon - Got business with us? Ask.
Guns? - Gunslinger...I know guns.
Need Hired Help? - I can help for a price.

Gunslinger Character
Misha Colt

Full Name: Misha Colt
Date of Birth: May 24th, 2497
Place of Birth: Lilac
Parents: John and Mary Colt(deceased)
Siblings: None
Spouce: None
Eyes: Right Blue, Left Green
Hair: Auburn
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110lbs
Significant Other: None
Specialization: Guns
Occupation: Dark Dragon - Security Officer
Military: None
Previous Jobs: Diana Colt - Hunter





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Mad World - Gary Jules
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