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Full name Cody A. Martin
Date of Birth March 24, 2501
Spouse Single
Children Alyssia, Bronwyn, Connor -- all born Dec. 21, 2531.
Assignment * CEO - UDC
  • Hunter, Bounty Hunters' Guild
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Honey Brown Eyes, Black Hair
Height and Weight 5'7"/120lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • 2517: Lower Sturgeon Falls Technical School, New Melbourne
  • Ongoing - Londinium University - Long Distance University Credits in Engineering
Military Service

No Military Service

Employment History
  • Sept. 5, 2535 - Present - CEO, UDC
  • May 2531 - Sept. 5, 2535 - CEO, UDC and Captain, Guan Yin II
  • March 2531 - May 2531 - CEO - UDC
  • Oct. 2529 - March 2531 - Wulver - First Mate and UDC - CEO
  • Oct. 9, 2529 - Cody forms Ugly Duckling Corporation (UDC)
  • 2528 - Oct. 2529 - Wulver - First Mate
  • 2527 - 2528 - Shenjing - Engineer
  • 2524 - 2527 - Bodyguard for Lizbet Harmonica, Daughter of Joe Harmonica, famous core singer (off camera)
  • Jan 15, 2523 - 2525 - Sulchar Baobh - Chief Engineer
  • 2522- Jan 12, 2523 - Tienlong - assigned to Xiaolong Operations
  • 2521-22 - Transport Lost Incentive - Operations (Pre-IC)
  • 2520-21 - Transport Precious Gem - Operations (Pre-IC)
  • 2519-20 - Transport Lucky Star - Operations (Pre-IC)

Cody A. Martin (2501- )

Actress: Ashley Greene



Cody Annabelle Martin was born to middle class parents who treated her right. She has an older brother Chuck (2 years older than she is) who happily wandered into the family business of raising, exporting and selling fish. She spent her formative years there, but showed a distinct dislike for all things fish from a young age, as well as an aptitude for more technichal things. By the time she was 10, her dreams were set on the stars and as soon as she could, she got herself accepted into Lower Sturgeon Falls Technical School where she learned both to pilot and to maintain or repair transport engines. Included in her electives, she picked up some courses in demolitions and computer programming. She graduated at 19, and has spent the past years refining her skills in these areas aboard various ships, as well as picking up some cross training in the security field.

The First Round:

Upon leaving Lost Incentive, Cody managed to pick up a job working for the Tienlong Organization. She spent some months there, during which time she made a decision to join the Bounty Hunters' Guild and she developed a definite liking for one Michael "Mouse" Hopkins. Since Mouse was even more shy than Cody was, that crush never went anywhere. As a bounty hunter, she helped bag one "Guris McLane," a very nasty criminal who took five bounty hunters almost to their limits before clever thinking by McCain finished Guris off. Because of that, Cody was promoted a level, within the Bounty Hunter ranks. As far as her non-violent duties went, she worked primarily with Rodney Kilbride and Tuesday Quinn on the Xiaolong, and when Rodney told her that they were leaving Tienlong to start up their own organization, find themselves their own crew, she went along with them. In about a week, the intrepid group of friends, close enough to be family, found themselves with a new (to them) transport that they christened Sulchar Baobh, Scots Gaelic for Cheerful Witch. Cody added her savings to Rodney's and is thus a minority owner in the ship, as well as Chief Engineer.

In the Middle:

Time on Sulchar Baobh came to an end when Tuesday Quinn was apparently killed, as this drove Rodney Kilbride into a fit of mourning. He disbanded the crew, pushing everyone away. Hurt and unsure what to do, Cody took her leave of the Bounty Hunter's Guild in a friendly fashion and ended up in the Core, working as a bodyguard for a wheelchair bound young girl named Lizbet - the daughter of famous singer Joe Harmonica for almost three years before Mr. Harmonica's newly wedded eighth wife had Cody fired.

Once More On The Rim:

She returned to the rim to find rumours of Rodney everywhere. This led her to Alexandria and Shenjing, an organization which took her in, and to which she still remains. As Rodney was crewing up to go out on his own, after a big dustup, Cody signed on as First Mate aboard Wulver, a position she holds to this day. However, she also has a position as Wulver's Ambassador to Shenjing, as she did not want to break ties with that organization.

With Rodney's budding romance with Roxana Delos, ties between Wulver and Red Lion Industries have also strengthened. It helps that RLI and Shenjing are also close. Cody developed a crush on Duke Damian Carmichael, although an ill-fated one, during the time that the Wulverines spent aboard Klaighmar and working with RLI. She also appears to have gained a bodyguard of her own, as a new gunhand, Kell Draygo, seems to be taking it upon himself to protect Wulver's XO.

Thanks to a conversation with Lord Carmichael and Lord Fawzy, Cody took it upon herself to follow up with Lord Fawzy with respect to a potential upgrade for the Wulver. That discussion led to a trade with the Lord, with the Wulverines acquiring Dark Embrace, a decommissioned APC in Salin's hands, in return for their ASREV. The Dark Embrace was renamed Wulver, and the organization gained some breathing space.

Ugly Duckling Formation

Oct. 9, 2529 - Cody forms Ugly Duckling Corporation (UDC), taking over the patents from Black Wolf (Salin's old factory/business). She situates the company on Silverhold and begins building her home there.

Sept. 5, 2535 - Salin offers Cody the Valiant in exchange for her captaincy of the Guan-Yin II. That actually doesn't take much thinking on Cody's part, given the company she's running and the triplets she's raising.