Cloe Trea

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Cloe Trea
Full name Cloe Trea
Date of Birth (add later)
Parents Lord Tyron Trea and Lady Yalana Trea
Siblings 2 brothers; Jaron Trea (Deceased) and Arod Trea (Deceased)
Spouse Unmarried
Assignment House Daska
Specialization Companion
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes and Black hair
Height and Weight (add later)
Status Dead
Education Information
  • Lorant Buddhist Monastary
  • Osiris Soran University of the Arts
  • Sihnon Companion Guild Academy
Military Service

No military service.

Employment History
  • Companions Guild, House Daska
  • Hilton Enterprises, Ship Companion (White Rose)


Cloe is a companion who has had a rich and cultured life. She was born on Sihnon, the only surviving child out of three. She was accepted into the Companion's Guild at twelve. Growing her financial future, she moved to persephone.

However, Cloe Trea's story begins the way all great stories begin: with some one else.


Unification War and The Trea Family

Is it any wonder that a woman born with such a free spirit would be born onto a world of such free thinking lands and emotions? Cloe was born in march of 2504, to a family of four. She was born among the wealthy elite, though all that changed just two years after her birth. The Unification war had begun and the family was torn, with half of the family wanting to join the browncoats, and the others staying with the alliance. Her two brothers left and joined the Independent while her and her parents stayed behind. It was to be the last time the brothers would speak with their parents.

Being two years old at the time gave the distinct advantage of never having to deal with the loss of a complete loved one. Cloe could always sense that their was a loss though, her parents were always darker on the birthdays of her brothers and anytime they came up it was definetly a touchy subject.

A Curious Child was Born

Cloe was a curious child, finding herself going into the attic of her parents and digging up everything from her fathers time in the alliance to her mothers journals. She did, however, find herself pulled towards the Buddhists temples. She found the monks and the religion fascinating. The free flowing of ideas, the thoughts and subtleties of the arts.

While she was very precocious, she also did find time while at school and some private time to gain friends. She was quite popular with her peers, trying to please them almost to a fault. She even got into trouble quite a few times, as she gained the attention of the room. She was allowed to go to several musical and dance events, finding the art an easy way to gain attention.

Her father and mother loved their daughter very much. They wanted only the best for her, but feared that she would become to brash like her siblings. Their attempts to keep her inside the house and amused with games always crashed to an end when she would sneak off to go to the attic, the temples, or a school event.

It was also impossible to keep her away from the scars of the war. The political intrigue, history, and opinions all came gushing forth from all directions. It would be impossible to shield her from opinions, and even more careless to allow her to make her opinions of her own.

Becoming A Companion

Her parents had an idea, they would guide her towards the arts of the Companion Guild. The Guild was safer then the Buddhist temples, and with their teaching she would be taken care of and not stray. A companion was something to be proud of, and while it was not the most glamorous way of life in some people's opinion, it would be an honor for her to become one. And the main benefit, as a companion she would worry more about clientèle then wars.

She was instantly positioned into the school when she was twelve. She found her hardest art was dancing and Geo-planet affairs. She could easily understand the math, history, culture, and most other arts but was specifically tough on those subjects. This had the intended affect as she trained even more vigorously to overcome these obstacles.

Without even knowing it, she became inducted into the order - mind and soul. She continued her training into the better parts of love making. She found this part the most enjoyable, for obvious reasons. She loved the worship of the body..and the way her body could sway.

She loved the heat and the passion, and how one could look beautiful even with soft beads of sweat forming all over them. She also learned the hardest lesson of them all: to let go. She was not to fall for any woman or man. She was to be detached.


She struggled with this, especially with a few men and women who found their demise later on. She even had a long standing contract with a man by the name of Ryu. She almost fell in love with him, finding herself not accepting contracts for some, just to have more time with him.

Trouble In Paradise

When he died, and the Guild found out about her feelings, she was severely chastised. She vowed at that time never to let it happen again.

Returning Home

Eighteen years later, she finds herself back on her home planet. She is in search of a luxury liner, or even perhaps a private crew so that she might forge ahead a new destiny. Her goal is to raise enough money to make her own house, and take other men and women in to create the protection that her parents lovingly gave to her... What the future holds, no one truly knows.

House Daska

Hilton Enterprises



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