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Clarissa Montez
Clarissa Montez
Full name Clarissa Montez
Date of Birth (add later)
Parents Enrique and Ashanna Montez
Siblings 3 brothers; Julio, Manuel, and Esteban
Spouse Unmarried
Assignment House Daska
Specialization Companion
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Brown
Height and Weight (add later)
Status Inactive
Education Information

(add later)

Military Service

No military service.

Employment History

Companions Guild, House Daska

About Clarissa

Fill in later.


Clarissa Montez was born on Beaumonde, the only girl of four children, born to Enrique and Ashanna Montez. Her parents both worked the factories there, working alternating shifts; one morning, one evening, so there was always someone with the children. Her childhood asn't a pleasant one; the hard work and long hours, combined with the stresses of raising four children made Enrique and Ashanna very short. On top of it, money was tight and luxuries at a minimum...and to make matters worse, Beaumonde is no good place to raise a child, in a place that's almost completely a huge factory.

Clarissa was a small child...never tall, and not particularly strong. And as such, clearly was not going to have much of a future working the factories. She paid attention at school when she was young, but more than once, her teachers were chastizing her for daydreaming in class. Clarissa was a dreamer, wanting to be a princess, wanting to be someone famous, someone important. Her childhood games were ones of that sort...make-believe, fantasy sorts of things.

Things got more and more strained between Enrique and Ashanna, and they decided, almost in desperation, that even with money tight, they had to take some time away. If they didn't, the family was going to disintegrate and they knew it. Both saved money, cutting corners here and there, for almost two years, to manage to take the family on a vacation to New Dunsmuir. Clarissa was thrilled...New Dunsmuir, a tourist town, was like something from a fairy tale...NO FACTORIES!! And with the four children to watch, and Clarissa's tendency to daydream...well, it wasn't entirely unsurprising that she wandered off.

When wandering, she came to the spaceport (after all, it's pretty huge there), and she spotted a woman who was just like a fairytale princess. Gorgeous, glamorous, and everything that Clarissa had ever wanted to be. It was luck more than anything else...the woman had opened her shuttle and was saying her farewells...and Clarissa did just what one might expect; she darted into the shuttle to sneak off.

The woman, a Companion named Linira, was well away from the planet before she discovered she had a stowaway, and when she found Clarissa, she talked to the girl, and there was a very distinct duality in what to do. On the one hand, common thought would dictate to take her back to her family. But on the other, she clearly wasn't happy there, she wasn't much loved there, and she was never going to fit in well on Beaumonde. In the end, Linira decided the most humane thing to do was to bring Clarissa with her, and start her into training. It would be easier on her parents to have one less child, especially one who was never going to be able to make a decent living on that world. And it would be easier on Clarissa to have a life that she was more suited for than trying to crush her dreams into being a factory worker.

And so Clarissa started her training. She was a graceful girl, and she was charming and personable; she had a good framework to start from. And as time went by, she started to mature. She would always be artistic, but she changed from a shiftless dreamer into a creative young artist. Dance proved to be a specific love; it emphasized her natural grace, and her small size was no hinderance in it. Song was a good allure to her as well, and she started to transition well into the natural life of a Companion. She did well in her training; less so in what she considered some of the boring topics (politics, history), but the practicing arts, dance, song, calligraphy, and martial arts...those were her love.

She completed her training two years ago. Since that time, she has spent a year working in the Core Planets...but her fascination with elegant dreams has matured during her training. She decided that much as when she was young, she would rather see more than just settle in to one place. She has sent some money back to her parents through a blind; her way of thanking them and apologizing to them. But now, she finds herself looking for a ship, and preparing to set out to see more of the 'Verse.


The young woman here isn't tall, by any stretch of the imagination; she looks like she probably stands either at or just under five feet even. Her age is tough to pin accurately; young is certain...her face and body would probably pin her in her twenties, but there's something about the eyes that hints that she might be just a bit older than that. She's exotic, and would be pretty as counted by most...her skin has a duskyness to it; not quite olive, not quite copper, and her features, with high cheekbones and a tapered chin give her a bit of a pixie-ish appearance, but the shape of the eyes also marks her as something other than Caucasian. Her eyes are dark, a brown so deep as to nearly be black, and her hair is a lighter shade of brown, falling in the middle of that color range. It's long...if it were straight it would probably fall almost to her waist, but there's a strong wave to it. It's too loose to be "frizzy", but a little more than a gentle wave is involved, and as a result her hair ends up only to her shoulder blades. Her figure is mostly lithe and slender, but it would be hard not to notice her hips and her bottom, both of which are pretty lushly curved, though that's not matched on her torso. Her nails, both fingernails and toenails, are immaculately done, with matching manicure and pedicure. Her makeup is done subtly but effectively, to make her lips look a bit fuller and a dark, kohl-style eyeliner to set off her eyes.

Her attire today is definitely high-class and expensive. It's silk, a qipao of red hue with golden trim. High-collared, the collar is trimmed in gold, as are the short sleeves, reaching only to the upper parts of her biceps. Silken flowers are embroidered over it, their colors complimenting rather than contrasting, and adding accent more than drawing the eye fiercely to them. It's designed with a slit along her left leg on the skirt, also trimmed in gold, giving flashes of her leg as she moves, and it comes to a tapered cut at the bottom; higher on the right leg than the left. It ends a few inches above her ankles even at the lowest point, showing her feet, which are clad in elegant and expensive wedged sandals, adding another three inches to her height. A sash in a subdued golden hue wraps around her waist, the tail trailing down her right hip. It provides a means for her to carry a few small personal effects, tucked within the sash, though none are visible to the eye. Jewelry is her last accompaniment; she wears several bracelets, both thin and thick, and all of silver. They provide a pleasant contrast to her skin tone. Rings of similar sort are worn on several fingers, but these are more slender and none of them are thick.

What's New

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