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Claire Compton

We don't start fights, but we know how to finish them.

Full name

Claire Compton

Date of Birth
  • July 16
  • Father: Robert Compton, Jr. (deceased)
  • Mother: Lily Compton (deceased)
  • None


  • Pilot
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown / Hazel
Status Active
Education Information

Home Schooled


Claire Compton is another unfortunate orphan of war and disease. In her infancy, she lost both of her parents: her father to the war and her mother to cancer. Lucky for her, she was too young to remember them.

But Comptons are family people, and so when they passed, her cousins, Beauregard James Compton and Arabelle May Compton adopted her. She was raised mostly by Belle, as there was that hinky point in time where Beau was, well, presumed dead. There were many times the girl was passed from one person to another, which may explain her quietness and soft-spoken nature.

Even so, she managed to inherit the Compton gene and grew up to be one hell of a pilot. Only settled once in front of a capital's console and flight deck, she proved to outshine more veteran pilots. But, as she says, she "ain't good for much else." Still, she's worth having on any crew and the Syndicate managed to snatch her up.

Recent Events

  • After a recent attack on the Belle Starr (nee Calamity Jane), Claire made what seemed to be a sudden decision to leave her cousins and family. Having served as their pilot, she has since left the ship and rumor has it she's piloting another. Since her leaving, it's no doubt that her relationship with her cousins will never be the same.


Claire's mere presence could sweeten tea. She's a quiet sort, but astoundingly kind, which says a lot, considering the band she runs with. She's pretty soft-spoken, but says her mind when she needs to. Often a thinker before a speaker, she doesn't always blend well in a social situation. But get a few bits of sake or whiskey in her? Let's just say the youngin' enjoys her drink.


Coming soon!

The People

  • Beau ~ While Beau is her cousin, he acted more like father to her, considering he's twice her age. There was much warmth between the two of them and he's overprotective as hell of her (which doesn't appear to be something she always appreciates). Now that she's left his crew, it doesn't appear the two have spent much time together, having gone their separate ways.
  • Belle ~ Like Beau, Belle had served as a mother to Claire, having taking care of her since she was a little nothing.
  • Morgan ~ While the most unlikely of matches, Morgan Williams and Claire met on the Belle. He served as her captain at the time, running a few missions with her and teaching her how to shoot. No one knows how they ever ended up in a romantic entanglement, but they've been seen together on other planets, quite happy, despite their age difference. There is no lack of love between them.
  • Mia ~ Claire and the good doctor met originally on the Belle and have since enjoyed each other's company on occasion. Maybe they work together, or maybe Claire idolizes the woman a bit, they can be found nursing drinks and enjoying a good laugh at someone's expense.

RP Hooks

  • Pilot - Claire lives for flying ships and she can talk for hours about capitals.
  • Southern Belle - She's a true southern, with a sweet demeanor, not one for cussing and not bad on the eyes either.
  • Bar Fly - What 20-something isn't a bar fly? Claire can handle her liquor better than most, too.