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Clive Owen

Full name Aidan Cinsellagh
Date of Birth April 12, 2489
Parents Allan and Cara Cinsellagh
Siblings Siobhan (younger sister)
Assignment Dark Embrace (Pilot)
Specialization Piloting, Engineering, Command
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark brown eyes and hair clipped short into a fade
Height and Weight 6'3", 220lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Londinum Military Academy (Headmaster's List)
  • Allied Naval Academy (Major: Earth-that-was History)
Military Service
  • Midshipman, IAV Indomitable (2509-2510)
  • Asst Engineering Officer, IAV Indomitable (2510-2512)
  • Chief of Engineering, IAV Indomitable (2512-2514)
  • Second Officer, IAV Burro (2515-2516)
  • Executive Officer, IAV Burro (2516-2517)
  • Commander, IAV Packrat (2517-2519).
Employment History
Personal Notes