Ciaran O'Shea

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Ciaran O'Shea

Ciaran O'Shea
Full name Ciaran Kelly O’Shea
Date of Birth January 1, 2501
  • Birth Mother: Aggie O’Shea
  • Foster Father: Malachi Church
  • Foster Mother: Georgett Church
Assignment Psychologist, Book Memorial Hospital
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel, Brown
Status Active
Education Information

PhD Psychology, Osiris University

Employment History

Psychologist at Book Memorial Hospital


Ciaran had been told he was special from the moment he was born on January 1, 2501, and why wouldn't he believe it? His mother, a slave in a factory, doted on him, and despite living in a shanty town with other Irish descendants, life wasn't too bad. Of course, he had to work too, and as soon as he could count to ten, he was set in a pile of the factory counting out tiny piles of tech equipment. Later, when he was tall enough to reach the assembly line belts, he worked as hard and as long as any adult. Unfortunately, their owner didn't care about keeping families together, and when a slave trader came looking for slaves to send to the miners, little Ciaran, age 8, was selected.

He never saw the mines. The ship was intercepted by an Alliance vessel, which rescued the slaves aboard. The children aboard were declared wards of the government, and brought to Osiris. The brightest and cutest of the children were often splashed on propaganda broadcasts or magazines, made into minor celebrities to help show the good work the government was doing -- and so Ciaran became a star, at least in his own little mind. The children were then given to families willing to foster them, and Ciaran was taken in by a childless couple, a judge and his wife. Ciaran was spoiled and he relished in all of the attention. Now and then he would ask about his birth mother, but was told it was impossible to return to Ezra for his own safety and hers.

Excelling in school and popular in the social circuit, Ciaran flourished, surpassing his classmates in a short period of time, despite not having been in school a day in his life before the age of eight. An able athlete and a handsome boy, he was popular in most arenas -- unbeknownst to him, of course, was that most of the girls he eventually were told by their parents that he was off limits for anything serious -- this of course only made him more appealing.

After graduating salutatorian of his high school days, Ciaran went to the university on Osiris, majoring in Psychology. Once he had earned his doctorate, Ciaran worked for a private practice for a time, hoping to earn enough credits and reputation to build his own. But things don't always work out. A search for something better in the Core hasn't led to much, so he's headed to Persephone to work for the Book Memorial.

Recent Events


  • His name is pronounced Keer-on.
  • He speaks Gaelic and still speaks with an Irish brogue; the small community of slaves he lived with were of Irish descent.

RP Hooks

  • Feel free to recognize his name or face. He’s not a household name by any means, but those who pay attention to propaganda might remember him, or have seen some of the “where are they now?” interviews he’s done over the years.
  • He’s a psychologist at the Book. Come on by and lie on his couch (not a euphemism)
  • He lived on Osiris from the age of 8-33. If you want to have known him, feel free to page!