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Full name Ciaran Ryan
Parents Dead
Siblings None
Assignment Chief Corsair, Leviathan
Specialization The three Fs
Gender Male
Status Active
Education Information


Military Service

Yeah right


<OOC NOTE> This information is OOC knowledge.

Born on Shadow, before the war. Dad was a good little browncoat, got himself killed when Ciaran was still a young boy. Mom relocated to the core, married a noble (an old flame from before meeting Dad). He abused her.

After the stepfather killed the mom one day in a drunken accident, Ciaran went after him with a knife. To this day, he's not sure if he killed the bastard or not. Ran away, went from one shady job to another, learning the underworld ropes and how to take care of himself. Eventually hooked up with some bloody lunatics.

<IC NOTE> This information is IC knowledge.

Ciaran's... um... a big guy? He... likes to fight? Yeah. Um... Mohawk, tattoos, piercings, outrageous flirt.
Got into a fist fight with Lord Carmichael once. Both men seemed to enjoy it greatly, shared a bottle of scotch whisky afterwards.
Warrants on him for various minor crimes on several core worlds, and 'Inquiries of Interest' from several Londinium and Sihnon nobles. The only thing those nobles have in common that they all have attractive wives and/or daughters.


A tall man, 6'4" if he's an inch, made even taller by the combat boots and green mohawk, this fellow has fair skin and a well defined body. Other than the 'hawk his head is clean shaven but this is balanced out by the nearly permanent stubble on his cheeks, jaw and chin. Piercing blue eyes peer out from under straight eyebrows on a strong face with prominant cheekbones and a sharp chin. An eighth of an inch scar lies under his left eye, parallel to the ground, while one an inch long and white cuts across his chin angled towards the right corner of his mouth. He has a ring at the corner of his left eyebrow, another in his left nostril, and a spike labret.

He is wearing a black tee shirt, with a decal of a pile of poo with flames comming off. Above the picture is the word "ShitFire" and below it, "Lets light this shit up!". On the back of the tee are a list of tour dates for the "Light this shit up!" tour, '23. Most of them are listed as 'Cancelled.' His arms are bare to the wrists, displaying a tattoo on each bicep (see below). Around his left wrist is wrapped a length of heavy chain, attatched to itself by a small hook. On both hands are fingerless gloves of black leather. His urban camouflage BDU pants blouse into his calf-high black combat boots, and are held up by a black belt with studs and small lengths of chain looping from one stud to another. There are also three pairs of handcuffs circling the belt, and the buckle is an iron colored four leaf cover, the stem forming an arrow pointing down, with the words "Kiss me Shillelagh" embossed on it. Around his hips is a gun belt with several pouches for extra clips and an older but still mean looking pistol in the holster.

Distinguishing Marks

Tattoos: He has two obvious tattoos, one on each bicep.

On his left arm is a tattoo of a naked pin-up style woman, her pelvis turned away from the viewers but breasts on display. She is clearly pleasuring herself with a device, eyes closed and mouth open. Heraldic style ribbon underneath her has the words "Your Mom" written on it.

On his right arm is a tattoo in the shape of the Alliance special forces emblem, only instead of the usual 'SAS' the letters read 'FTA'. Where the latin motto normally would be, it says "Gneas na Chomhghuailliocht."