Chris Stone

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Chris Stone
Full name Chris Stone
Date of Birth May 20 2504
Parents James and Mary Stone (deceased)
Siblings no siblings
Spouse Unwed
Specialization *Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, Brown hair
Height and Weight 5'10"
Status Active
Education Information

Private school

Military Service


Brief Background

Chris was born as a rich kid, with rich parents who owned a weapons manufacturing company. His parents had seen to it that he had gotten what he wanted, so long as it was legal to have, at that. Growing up in the arms business, Chris had been to the range several times at an early age, and had been so until he was about 16.

Chris was also schooled just like the rest, though he had been put in a private school. He had faired well in school, getting decent grades. His wishes were to pursue his parents at the time, to take over the family business.

By the time he was 17, his parents had decided to pull the plug, telling him he had to find his own...they had decided they wanted him to learn the way of working to earn money. But that didn't sit well with Chris. He had gave off such a large fit that he killed his parents and left.

From then on, he had learned that if he wanted something he was going to have to take it. He had taken what clothing he had and left for his own. Chris didn't care about nobody but himself...or maybe he did and he just doesn't know he has the heart for it.

As an adult, Chris had been fighting for survival. He had stole from the rich, and only from the rich. Of course he has fought to defend his stolen treasures from the poor. He soon also had to learn to use verbal skills to get out of tough spots with the authorities...or even to avoid fights when in sight of the Alliance or Interpol.


You see a 5 foot 10 inches tall human male. Sitting like a crown on his head is locks of dark brown, curly hair. His build is around the lightweight class weighing roughly 186 pounds, though he appears to do some weight lifting as his body his well toned. His nose is stout and pointed, and his chin slightly points out. He has a well groomed and buzzed beard and mustache. His stature makes him appear taller than he really is. He is wearing a plain white tea shirt and a pair of black cargo pants. At his feat, he wears a pair of polished black boots.

More pictures of Chris

<Gallery> Image:ChrisBeingHimself1.jpg|Looking so serious Image:ChrisBeingHimself2.jpg|Chilling somewhere planetside Image:ChrisBeingHimself3.jpg|Oh really Image:ChrisBeingHimself4.jpg|On patrol Image:ChrisBeingHimself5.jpg|All smiles Image:ChrisBeingHimself6.jpg|The beach looks nice Image:ChrisBeingHimself7.jpg|You said what?

Image:ChrisBeingHimself8.jpg|Yeah right...