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Chovian is a Romany, born and raised aboard a Gypsy 'Vardos', a Romany ship crewed by family only. The planet of Paquin is said to be the Romany home world, though it's assumed that most of the Romany population live in space aboard their often oddly-decorated ships. It's known by some that Chovian is the grandson of Yaw, a Romany Elder as well as the now deceased Gypsy 'Grandmother', cousin of Cara Rene Andryovich-Enyad, and Danee Vit Kalderdash.
Chovian is a Romany Prince, although such a title is not the same as normal non-Romany royalty (see Romany for more details)
Formerly captain of the Twisted Halo, currently captain of the Bengalo Draba.

Full name Chovian Noravasi
Date of Birth 2497
Spouse Unwed
Assignment * Bengalo Draba
* Romani
Specialization Engineering/Mechanical Specialist
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark hair, Dark eyes
Status Active
Military Service
  • Five years Alliance Military, Combat Engineer


Chovian is a young man who stands just above six feet, perhaps in his early or mid-twenties, with dark almost jet-black hair. Said hair is cut short, perhaps only a half-inch long and tends to be slightly unkept. This however does not detract from his appearance, in fact it gives him a more natural, at-ease aura. His eyes are a very dark brown, and almost seem black when the lighting is dim, his features gentle with only a hint of the chiseled handsomeness possible. He seems to take care of himself, his body straight up and down, without any extremes, and though he's apparently not the strongest person in the 'verse he doesn't appear weak either.

He currently wears what some would consider an outlandish outfit, a poet's shirt, baggy though comfortable-looking, something a romantic hero would wear in a story. Although these shirts are often white or off-white, his is a dark maroon, the ties that keep all the right parts snug are golden instead of matching the shirt. His belt seems simple at first, brown leather, until one looks carefully. It seems as though this belt was not made in a factory somewhere but perhaps by a proffessional leather-worker. Designs are stamped and carved here and there, set into the leather creating shadows and depth, it's as though a vine is growing around the belt, the main branch a dark green, the leaves a lighter shade, and the flowers a dark purple, all the colors blending into the brown background but not quite enough to be ignored completely. His pants match the shirt although not in color, a grey color, baggy and comfortable-looking, and the ties on this too are gold. The whole outfit is regal, yet it has a playfull feel to it that demands more entertainment and marryment than anything.