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Full name Chloe Jacquline Menoracy
Date of Birth October 31, 2499
Parents Kiara and Joseph Menoracy
Siblings None
Specialization Pilot/Gunslinger
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Long red hair, Blue eyes
Height and Weight 5'7, 128
Status Inactive
Education Information

Ariel pilot academy, self/family taught martial arts and armory


CJ is 5 feet 3 inches tall with shoulder length red hair. Her sharp eyes are deep blue in color, and seem as though they penetrate right through to your soul. She has very gentle features and ivory skin, freckles drifting across her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose. She wears a white jacket over her tan button up shirt, matching tan pants and black boots. On her inner left wrist there is the phrase Always Have Hope. On her inner right wrist there is the phrase Never Give In. On the back of her neck she has The Sun, The Moon, and one star...these represent her parents and herself.


Chloe's personality can best be described as off the cuff humor. Raunchy jokes, coupled with one of the friendliest people you would ever meet. She's personable and quick to help someone in need or to help a friend out of a problem. She never is mean or nasty unless you hurt someone she loves or cares about. She will act first, and take questions later.


Chloe's goal is to find a job upon a crew as a pilot and possible security work as well. One day she wants to own her own ship. Chloe wants to learn everything there is about piloting, engineering and operating a ship-From buying cargo, to running an organization. She wants to be the best she can be at what she does.


Chloe was born on Hera. The daughter and only child of Alliance members Kiara and Joseph Menoracy. She was raised as the princess of their family, the apple of her mothers eye and daddy's little girl. They were not the richest family but they had enough to have a nanny two days a week to play with her and take her to visit other children. At 7, her parents were killed and she was sent to live with her uncle. Chloe's parents were model parents. They loved her and made sure she never wanted for anything. Since she was the only child, they hired a nanny to take her to interact with other children a few times a week. They were members of the Alliance, so CJ was brought up in that environment.
When CJ was 7, she was on one of those outings with her nanny, and when they arrived home they found her parents dead in the foyer of their home. Shot in the head, and several shots in their chest and legs. Not knowing who was responsible there was nothin they could do. It remains a mystery to this day. That very night, CJ was taken to her new life with her Uncle. He treated her as the daughter he always wanted and she became the sister to her cousins Jeffrey and Marcus. They taught her to fight, and how to shoot a gun. They made sure that she knew how to protect herself in a time of need. Her uncle was a pilot, and she showed interest in learning that skill. He taught her what he knew and sent her to school to learn everything there was to know about it. Both of her cousins are pilots, and so now she is too following in the family footsteps. Secretly, she is looking for the people who took her parents away.
CJ has finished training with her uncle as a pilot. She is now looking to make her way in the verse and be on her own to start her life.
She is always looking for any information on her parents murder to lead her to the people who commited that crime so she can exact her revenge.

On July 4,2524, Chloe mysteriously disappeared after leaving the Bengalo Draba to return home to Hera for a visit. She didn't send a wave to anyone, and no one has been able to get in contact with her since that time.When her family was asked about her location, they replied that she never made it home for the visit nor had she contacted them. Their search for her continues, but they fear the worst.

She reappeared a few weeks later in a disguise, knowledge of her whereabouts until that point were only known to Chovian. Upon her return she told select members of the crew what had happened and the situation was dealt with. She re-emerged from the disguise and has told no one else what happened. She probably never will unless you need to know.

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