Children of anarchy

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Children of Anarchy
Emblem worn by CoA soldiers.
Inception march 19th, 2505
Location Unknown
  • Victor Zauch, Master
  • Anastasia 'Ghost' Rios, Wraith Mistress
  • Emilia 'Tesla' Laroas, Hacker

Note to Players

This is an NPC organization and is not to be used without the consent of it's designer Nicoli. Assuming knowledge of this organization IC will quickly be brought to staff attention if discovered, as story wise they cover their tracks well and have made extreme efforts to remain out of the view of the Alliance and Commonwealth alike and would be nearly impossible to locate for a common person.


The militarized cult known as the Children of Anarchy was started in 2505 after the exhile of Victor Zauch, who brought with him a handful of followers who had already been swayed by his preachings. The belief that Chaos was the only constant in the universe spreads like wildfire among those he recruits and is forced into the minds of the slaves who serve them. Having disappeared in 2523, the organization was believed disbanded after a crushing defeat on Jiangyin.

Teachings of Father Zauch

The sociopath known as Victor Zauch, once known as the famous Wayward Shepard on the Rim worlds for his unique religious beliefs. After several years serving under his Brother in the Phoenix Brotherhood as a Hunter and skilled soldier, Victor took on the belief that Chaos was the only constant and that God's only desire was to see his children kill each other for his own pleasure. He passes on to his cult following the ideal that the more blood they spill, the greater their reward in the afterlife will be. This goes hand in hand as well with a belief that to enslave someone in life will bind their soul to you in death. The method of enslavement matters little, which leads a great deal of his followers to deal special, highly addictive drugs as a method of mentally enslaving their victims before the actual abduction takes place.

Dreamers Delirium

Dreamers Delirium in pill form

Dreamers Delirium is a potent drug designed by Victor Zauch with the aid of Emilia Laroas. The drug comes in two forms, a liquid in an eyedropper and a solid in the form of a pill. The liquid is a super-condensed version of the drug which allows someone to implant a false memory into the one who takes it. The memory can be as good or as bad as the person planting it wants it to be, however, if the victim does not take the pill form of the drug every so often, the memory will be forgotten in time. The pill form is a small silver pill and sustains the memories caused by the liquid. Taking it every few days will keep the memory fresh and more 'real'.

In this way the drug becomes addictive if the memory is a particularly happy one. When the memories start to fade it's like trying to remember a dream. There are always going to be traces of it, but they will remain in the back of the mind.

Player Note: Players are welcome to, if infected with this drug, RP the affects however they see fit. If they take the pills frequently or not. Please note however that the longer the player is taking the pills, the harder it should be to get them to stop and more devastating(if good) or relieving(if bad) the fading memory will be.