Chihiro Kobayashi

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Full name Chihiro 'Nagasaki' Kobayashi
Date of Birth Unknown, assumed to have been born sometime in 2497
Parents Names unknown, presumed alive
Siblings 1 brother, name unknown, presumed alive
Assignment Commanding Officer of the Headhunter
Specialization Bounty hunting, information gathering, security
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dual colored (right brown, left jade green) / Black
Height and Weight 5'9" / 135 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information

Unknown, assumed to have been schooled privately

Employment History

Past - Store security for Phoenix / Present - CO of the Headhunter

Chihiro 'Nagasaki' Kobayashi (2497?-)

There is not much known about the woman who goes by the name Nagasaki as she has been fairly closed-lipped about her past. She very rarely discloses information about her family and her birth name and planet of origin has been kept secret from all but her closest of friends. What had been made known about her (rarely) is that herbrother and her were trained to follow in their parents' proverbial footsteps, both bounty hunters of some reknown in their part of the 'Verse. She has recently left home with nothing but her identity and a few articles of clothing and very little in way of personal items and even weapons, the woman seeking to start anew and earn her own way.


This woman is clearly of Asian descent, even if only partially, the almond shape of her eyes, the lightly tanned alabaster of her skin and the features of her face easily placed as being Oriental in nature. Her dark hair is also typical for one of her ancestry, the black so dark that it shines with blue highlights in the right light. It is kept short in front while remaining long enough to pull up into a ponytail in the back, the style framing her face and calling attention to how her eyes are dual-colored, the right a dark chocolate brown while its mate is a jade green in hue. Her face is oval and her nose slightly 'flat', something that gives a slight broadness to it without being so much that it's wind up looking out of place. Her lips are not too full and are naturally coral in color, the flesh unpainted by any form of cosmetics as is the rest of her face.

Stature-wise she borders on tall with the crown of her head brushing the 5"9" mark when she's stocking footed, and her weight is perhaps at 135 pounds, maybe a bit more, the woman fit, toned with muscle definition that hints to her being the kind who works out regularly.

Personality and Demeanor

Nagasaki is best described as mercurial. Sometimes cold, sometimes friendly and outgoing. It is safe to assume that even though her moods shift easily she's always dangerous, especially towards those she sees as trying to get in her way. She doesn't like competition and, as a result, will do anything to remove that competition, either by making allies out of them or by killing them. Alpha female is the best way to describe her general demeanor, the woman not one to submit or kowtow unless it's part of a persona she has assumed while hunting down fugitives.

Current Employment

Nagasaki has currently taken over as Commanding Officer and owner of the Headhunter.

Bounty Record

None Currently

OOC Information

Nagasaki's available for hiring on a per job basis. Inquiries can be made OOCly via @mail or ICly via +wave.