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This is IC information.
This information is displayed publicly on the cortex, and may be used ICly.
Full name Chihiro Kitake M.D.
Date of Birth May 28th, 2498
Parents Heihachi and Kiyara Kitake
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Specialization General Surgeon
Gender female
Eyes and Hair brown eyes, black hair
Height and Weight 5'3", 120 lbs.
Status Active
Personal Notes

Reported Missing by Heihachi Kitake, Mar 3 2525.

Last Known Address

1479 Sherwood Blvd
New Shingu, Sihnon

Criminal Record


Medical Record

Allergies: None
Vaccinations: Current
Injuries: None Treated

Educational Background

Born in New Shingu on Sihnon to Heihachi and Kiyara Kitake, May 28, 2498. Attended Kia Wong's Grammar School, a private school for girls ranging from elementary to high school; Graduated 2515. Dual-Majored in Microbiology and Pharmacology at Sihnon University; Graduated 2518. Attended Johns Hopkins Medical; Graduated 2522. Interned then completed three-year Residency at Sihnon Memorial Hospital; Licensed Feb 1st, 2525.

Employment History

Internship and Residency at Sihnon Memorial Hospital (2522-2525)



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