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Full name Chelan Etta Caradoc
Date of Birth June 21, 2505
Birthplace St. Albans
Spouse Some Day
Children Not Yet
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Turquoise, Russet
Height and Weight 5'2, 120 lbs.
Education Information

St. Albans High School

Employment History

Caldwell Chalets, Bartender and Assistant Manager

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Short, yet willowy, it's hard for most to easily summarize this petite woman's beauty. She seems to stand about five feet in height, and her well-toned frame makes her weight hard to guess, she's slender, but she's got a decent bit of muscle to her limbs. Her skin is flushed with health, a rosy glow frequently coloring her cheeks, and beneath the rosy flush, there's a vast smattering of freckles. Icy blue eyes peer from a face of classic beauty; high cheekbones with a delicate flush; an aquiline nose covered with a smattering of freckles; and full, pouting lips with a deep bow are the woman's most striking elements. The Renaissance-era beauty of her face pales in comparison however to the depths and sparkle of her bright eyes. Pale turquoise orbs with flecks of azure and silver, they stare intently, capturing the cold beauty of ice as she watches the world around her.

Cascades of gleaming red hair spills in waves down her back, long enough to reach midway down her back. Her hair is streaked with strands of copper and strawberry highlights and darker shades of scarlet and crimson deepen the dancing waves. Two slips of white ribbon divide her hair along a center parting, holding her tresses into two loose pigtails that tumble down over each shoulder.


Chel is a very happy-go-lucky sort of a girl. She loves a good joke, a good time, and good company. Her mother keeps telling her she needs to grow up and settle down; but every day is a new adventure and a new party, so she doesn't have time for that. She's never met a stranger, and strives to learn/see/do something new every day.


Chelan grew up on St. Albans with the typical happy childhood and family, the youngest of seven (2 sisters and 4 brothers). But as her brothers and sisters grew up, they all immediately left the ball of ice and snow for warmer climates and lifestyles. This was something Chel could not understand at all. She's the definition of a snow bunny, and never wanted anything more but to live the simple life enjoying it while she could. Of course, from the age of about fourteen on, a good bit of warmth was found in the burn of a bottle. Her mom eventually had to give up on her baby girl, too worried about Chel's wild ways and lack of 'proper' goals in life, and made her move out in hopes that being forced into independence would finally make her grow up a little. But, her knowledge of alcohol landed her a job at the best resort on Albans, and the tips she makes from the vacationers allow her to board and party to her heart's content every minute that she's off the clock (and a few of the minutes that she's on it). Despite her boozing (or perhaps because of how loose it keeps her muscles) she's a natural on a snowboard.

Family History

Doting, indulgent, and permissive. They love her, and she loves them. Despite having been sent out to fend for herself, there's no love lost between any of them. She waves frequently with her siblings, meets her parents for Sunday lunch, and tends to still be the apple of their eye, even if they do worry over her playtime and party-loving lifestyle.

Education and Employment History

Chel graduated St. Albans High fairly near the top of her class. Not high enough to win a scholarship anywhere, but definitely high enough to have gotten into most any college in the 'verse. But, rather than enroll in college, Chel chose to stay home on St. Albans, snowboarding, tending bar, and sticking close to what's familiar.