Chastity Compton

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Chastity "Sugar" Hope Jaimeson-Compton

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Chastity's a bit of a loner, and she's not used to living in the same place for more than a few days at once.

Chastity Compton
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Full name
  • Chastity Hope Jaimeson-Compton
Date of Birth
  • April 1, 2510
  • Faith Jaimeson-Compton
  • Intelligence?
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Dark Brown, Hazel
Education Information

Not so much.


Chastity was born in 2510 along with her twin sister, Faith (who may or may not become a PC!). Her single mother, Lilly-Anne Jaimeson was only seventeen when her daughters were born, and had been kicked out of a rich and proper home when her parents found out she was pregnant. She tried to raise her daughters to the standard she'd been raised to, hoping that her family would one day take them back.

Chastity and Faith are like polar opposites. Chastity is a troublemaker, loud, and brash. She has no qualms about sleeping with men so she can steal from them, and when there's a shortage of rich prey, she'll strip for credits. She's recently sought out her father, Beau, after hearing about him breaking out of jail. She wasn't sure what to expect when she encountered him, but she certainly wasn't expecting what she found - a man who was captured and made a PoW shortly after Lilly became pregnant. Chastity had spent her life thinking that the scumbag had knocked her mother up, then taken off when he found out she was expecting. She's always convinced herself that he's a terrible person and that he probably has children all over the 'verse, who he also neglects.

But now she's here, and on the Suicide King, and is trying to figure out WTF she's going to do with her life. 'Cause there's this guy, you see...

Recent Events

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  • Mal's nickname is Captain Tightpants.

The People

  • Beau Compton - Daddy!
  • Belle - New aunt! Family's kinda cool.
  • Faith - NPC twin sister and polar opposite.
  • Morgana - Closest thing Chas has ever had to a female friend.
  • Skinner - <3

RP Hooks

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"Mal's Song" by Michelle Dockery, Sample Video

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