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Full name Charly Caden
Date of Birth July 8th
Parents Caroline Delonare Clear, Joseph Earl Clear III
Siblings None
Spouse Trahaym Caden
Children Cyril & Tucker (twin boys)
Assignment CMO of Shenjing Industries
Specialization Medical
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Icey blue, firey red
Height and Weight 6', 160lbs
Status Active


Not much is known about her past. And what is, is only known to those closest to her.


A young, slender woman who stands six feet tall on the nose. Her skin is pale, obviously from hiding inside all the time away from the sun. Freckles dot every bit of flesh that is visible, and a few are darker than the others. Almond shaped ice blue eyes gaze out from beneath thick lashes. A button nose rests in the center of her face, slightly upturned, and a pair of red, pouting lips are almost always curled down in a frown beneath it. Bright, flaming red hair covers her head, the naturally curly locks hanging freely all the way down to her waist, while the bangs are always brushed off to the side, so they don't hang in her face.



Selket is a tan and white Akita Inu. One of a pair that Trahaym purchased for himself and Charly.

This Akita is still a puppy, tiny, fits in in two hands, and fluffy beyond all cuteness. Soft fur the color of freshly fallen snow covers her underside, goes up her chest, and around her muzzle and eyes. The rest of her, including her legs, is covered in a light tan that resembles untouched sand. A long, fluffy tail curls around itself, resting on her back when she's bouncing around and hyper, otherwise it hangs straight in all it's fluffiness. Cute little ears stick straight up more often than not, always alert. Her eyes are dark, taking in everything around her at all times, and a wiggley little nose rests at the end of her muzzle, constantly twitching about, sniffing everything. Tiny little legs help her get around, with snow white paws that seem too big for the puppy.

More often than not she's bouncing around, yipping and whining, begging for attention like most puppies. Around her neck is a pink leather collar, which is covered in little black leather hearts. Hanging from the collar is a heart-shapped tag, which is inscribed with, "My name is Selket. Please contact Charly Clear or Trahaym Caden if you find me."

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