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Charley Wong
Full name Charlene Deborah Wong
Date of Birth 19th May 2489
Birthplace Capital City, Londinium
Parents Humphrey and Alice Wong
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Commander, Border Sector
Specialization Pilot (Ground Attack)/Command
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/grey, Blonde (greying)
Height and Weight 6'0", 130lb
Status Active
Military Service

20 year Alliance Veteran, currently back on active service


2489 - Charlene Deborah Wong born to Humphrey and Alice Wong on Londinium
Early 2506 - Enlisted as Non-Commissioned Pilot, Alliance Transport Services
2506 - The War begins. After initial work flying transports providing provisions to Alliance troops, Charley starts requesting a transfer to a Gunship squadron
2508 - Transferred as Pilot Sergeant to the IAV Eagle.
2509 - After gaining a reputation (and mention in dispatches) for aggressive ground attack in support of infantry, shot down for the first time
2510 - Present at Battle of Sturges, flying attack fighters. Promoted Acting Squadron Commander (Lieutenant JG) based on 'dead mens shoes'.
2510 - Battle of Du-Khang. Again whilst pressing home ground attack aggressively is shot down. Jokes starting to be made on the subject. Picks up assault rifle and joins in infantry battle ongoing. Justifies this as 'Impossible to withdraw, impossible to hide. Might as well join in.
2511 - Battle of Serenity Valley. As part of a ground attack skiff squadron, she is shot down by ground fire for the third, and last time. Seriously wounded, she does not return to combat ready status until after the end of the War.
2512 - Reverts to her 'permanent' rank of Sergeant, as part of the post war contraction of staffing.
2516 - Promoted Sergeant Major
2517 - Promoted Lt JG under 'Experienced Non-coms' scheme. Transferred back to Fleet
2519 - Promoted Full Lieutenant.
2522 - Promoted Lieutenant Commander, appointed to command APC IAV Genovia
2524 - Invited to retire as a 'Twenty Year Veteran'. Placed on the reserves.
2526 - Recalled to active service. Promoted Commander, appointed CO of the IAV Temperance
2529 - Transferred to Interpol, as part of restructuring of Military, in the rank of Lieutenant (civilian), rapidly promoted Captain
2534 - Transferred back to serving Military, as Commander. XO on Destiny
2535 - Acting CO of ABS Destiny
2536 - Promoted Captain (Acting Fleet-Captain) - Commanded Alliance squadron at the Battle of Blue Sun, when a Reaver fleet was intercepted and destroyed, before its colony ship could make landfall.
2542 - Promoted Rear-Admiral - Assigned Sector Command, Persephone/Border

Current Assignment

Commander, IAV Temperance

Charley working out


Charley (never Charlene) is career military. Almost everything else has been sacrificed to that God- certainly she doesn't appear to have any faith (Lapsed Buddhist is what's in the file), her visits to her family are sporadic, and fairly brief, and whilst she's known to have had passionate relationships, they also have gone by the board. Fiercely loyal to 'The Right Thing', her Crew, and the Alliance (in approximately that order), Charley is known to have spent some time on the Reserves list, after a successful patrol in command of the IAV Genovia, at the end of which, sadly, a suspect in a political assassination was killed resisting arrest. She spent time as a commercial ship captain (Pearl, and Boudica), before, in 2526, being recalled to the Colors, and promoted Commander. With the defeat of the major Pirate forces, and the restructuring of the Service, she moved over to Interpol. This was speculated to be about rounding out her military resume with increased law enforcement experience, to prepare her for Flag Rank. That someone rising from the ranks has made it to Flag Rank is viewed by some as proof of the meritocracy of the Alliance Military, and by others at the political adroitness of Admiral Wong.


A tall woman, that's probably the first impression that would reach most people. Whilst at six feet, give or take an inch, she's not abnormally tall, her thinness adds another couple of inches to the general perception, and makes her seem to loom more, in fact, than she actually does. Their perception is further enhanced by her posture- chin held high, shoulders back- in others ther might seem stiff, or unnatural, but she wears it with the air of one accustomed to a perfect gait since childhood. Her hair is blonde, but cut severely, if neatly, not quite cropped, but certainly no longer than two inches anywhere over her head, and parted centrally. Her eyes, a blue-grey, peering out of a face which is too angular to be considered attractive, show that the hair color is no mere affectation, but the result of nature.

Her clothing adds to the slightly austere impression, consisting of a dark gray officer's cap covering her head, black brim set forward in a disciplined manner. Descending down the chest and torso are black buttons that secure a gray military jacket, cuffed at the wrists. Upon the left shoulder of the jacket is the insignia of the Alliance, and upon the right the insignia of a Rear Admiral is present. On the chest are flight wings, and below them, a touch faded, are a couple of medal ribbons- most probably relating to old campaigns. The jacket is tied about the waist by an austere, black utility belt, six inches of the coat skirting through. Gray slacks are worn, the cuffs of which blouse neatly into black combat boots. At the left hip of the officer's belt is a black holster with a standard Alliance officer's sidearm contained within.


Quote:Halt! You are Bound by Law! Halt or I shall fire!
Sleep not, my country: though night is here, afar
Your children of the morning are clamorous for war:
Fire in the night, O dreams!
Though she send you as she sent you, long ago,
South to the desert, east to ocean, north to snow,
West of these out to seas colder than the Hebrides I must go
Where the fleet of stars is anchored, and the young star-captains glow

James Elroy Flecker

Likes:Kipling. Honour. Peace.

DON QUIXOTE: It is the mission of each true knight... His duty... nay, his privilege!
To dream the impossible dream,
To fight the unbeatable foe,
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go;
To right the unrightable wrong.

To love, pure and chaste, from afar,
To try, when your arms are too weary,
To reach the unreachable star!

This is my Quest to follow that star,
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far,
To fight for the right
Without question or pause,
To be willing to march into hell
For a heavenly cause!

And I know, if I'll only be true
To this glorious Quest,
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I'm laid to my rest.

And the world will be better for this,
That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,
To reach the unreachable stars!

Photo gallery

IAV Temperance

Charley's Crew

Lieutenant-Commander Zara Barnes
Acting XO

Lieutenant-commander Barnes: Acting XO, Navigation and watch officer. Did initial training on shuttles, and keen to transfer to fighter piloting, but her requests have so far been unsuccessful. Becoming resigned to a career in capital ships. Shy. Professional.

WO Isabel Gossard

WO Gossard: Skilled Non-com, ship gunnery expert