Charles Allen Adamson

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Full name Charles Allen Adamson
Date of Birth November 10, 2482
Spouse N/A
Children None
Assignment Retired
Gender Male
Height and Weight 6'2"/215lbs
Status inactive
Education Information

Ariel's Hope, Prep School

Military Service

Enlisted:2500 Graduated Infantry and Sniper School:2501 Second Separate Operations Group 2500-2515 First Seperate Operations Group 2515-2521 63rd Federal Division Retired 2522

Charles Allen Adamson(2482- ) was born to Nigel Adamson, and his wife Pauline Perry. Charles was an only child, and took the moniker "Chuck" as a small boy, much to the dislike of his upper-crust parents. He went on to join the Alliance military, and has served since before the Unification War, most of the time spent as a scout/sniper.


Charles' father was, at one time, a professional athelete, though he was forced into retirement due to a severe back injury. Always one to rebound, Nigel opened a used starship dealership, which soon turned into an entire chain of such enterprises, eventully ending in his father having selling rights with numerous shipyards throughout the 'Verse.

His mother, Pauline, was an attorney, though her skill in the courtroom was questionable. She was a true beauty, though, and quite intelligent. Her most frequent style of handling cases, was a discrete visit to the chambers of the Magistrate overseeing the proceedings. These were known to turn into long weekends, and most often, ended in a mistrial, or reduced sentence for her client.

Chuck was an intelligent child, but also one that was frequently left to the care of staff, rather than his parents...and as such, tended to act out. This became a habit, and continued up until he was a young man, just graduating Prep School. He was a good student, despite his lack of concern for the work, as he was able to remember everything...quite the boon. He also followed in his father's footsteps, and was quite the athlete, having already committed to one of perenniel favorites in his sport, on Ariel. But, this trip to University was cut short, thanks to his errant ways.

Adamson was attending a bar, just weeks after graduation, and got into one of his frequent violent disagreements. Only, this was not a spat between was a brawl between a barful of drunks...and in the fighting, Chuck killed his first man. He was brought up on charges of Manslaughter, but his mother worked her "magic", and managed to keep her son out of prison.

On the condition that he enlisted in the Alliance Military.