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Charlie Shaw
Full name Charlene Shaw (Nickname Charlie)
Date of Birth March 16, 2510
Parents Mother: Elizabeth Shaw Father: Mark Shaw
Siblings 4 Brothers
Specialization Gunman
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blonde Hair,Blue Eyes
Height and Weight 5'7" / 140 lbs
Status active


Charlene was raised on Athens to a pair of fairly well off Ranchers. Mostly dealing in Cattle and a few other stock. She was pretty much on a horse before she could walk, she had a gun in her hand when she was strong enough to pull a trigger. Only female in a lot of four brothers, well she was pretty much one of the boys growing up. When she was 16 she fell in love with a ranch hand and as soon as she was 18 they move to Whitefall to a small plot of land to start their own modest Farm. When she was 24 Whitefall suffered a Reaver attack that killed her husband and 4 year old son and just about everyone else on the property. The small group she was with survived by hiding in a water tank. The attack left her with nightmares and the only way she could cope was by leaving Whitefall, selling her property off and taking only enough to fit in a suitcase and what guns as she could carry on her person. She wandered around the verse for a few years, eventually selling herself as a gun for hire. Seeing all the 'evil' in the universe being no different then the Reavers. Never staying anywhere for long, haunted she is by nightmares of the past that never seem to ease up with the passing time.


Charlie is about 5'7" tall and of a sturdy muscular build. Her pale blue eyes are often hidden behind glasses. Blonde hair comes to a functional chin length bob, to keep out of the way of her work though still leave something feminine about her. She is oft seen to be wearing a leather vest over a heavy cotton shirt, sturdy pants, cowboy boots and a duster. A six shooter is slung low over her hips and depending on the job, a rifle strapped to her back.

Little Known Facts

-Family killed by Reavers
-She is claustrophobic
-She still suffers nightmares from the attack


Charlie with her gun Charliegun.jpg
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