Chandra Conrad

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Chandra Azriel Conrad
Full name Chandra Azriel Conrad
Birthplace Persephone
Siblings Coulter Conrad, brother
Spouse None
Children Nope
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green eyes and auburn hair
Height and Weight 5'5" and 130
Status Single
Education Information

None, never attended any schooling

Employment History

Security on the Mustang

Crew member on the Wulver

Full Name: Chandra Azriel Conrad


The female stands just at five foot five inches tall. Dark auburn hair is falls to mid back while the bangs in the front fall to just past her eye brows. The dark red of her hair contrasts sharply with her green eyes. A fitting upturned nose and full soft lips, which has just a hint of red lipstick, fills out her face. She has all the curves in all the right places that fit her frame perfectly. Around her neck is a silver chain and a pendant that falls to the middle of her chest.

Red leather pants ride low on her hips and fit almost like a second skin. Only to flare out to cover her nearly knee high length redish brown boots. A black tight fitting tank top is worn under the short black jacket that ends right at the edge of her pants. The inside of the jacket is a soft red, matching the same color as her pants. The sleeves are snug at the biceps while a bit looser on the forearm.


Early Years

Chandra is the youngest of the Conrad clan. Born on Persephone, the Eavesdown docks and the Spacer's district were her home. It wasn't a good life, but it was all she knew. Her father left when she was but three years old, going to find work he said. He hasn't returned. With three little kids to feed her mother turned to the only thing she knew to bring some kind of money into the house. Chandra still remembers the string of men that would come home on her mother's arm.

Then Chase up and left leaving her with her oldest brother, Coulter, to look after her. But there came a time when even Coulter left. Caught up in petty theft he was sent to prison leaving Chandra all but alone. So it was the streets that became her school and playground. She learned that the Chinaman, who owned the rolling food cart down the street, would pay credits for cats. Cats on the streets of her home were as mean as many guard dogs and didn't take to kindly to being captured. Chandra learned how to shoot a bow.

When she was but 13 a fateful chain of events occurred. While walking in the slums of Persephone at age 13, she was accousted with what she thought was a filthy spacer. But no, he was much more. He forced her into a back alley and was attempting to accost her, but was stopped by a very large man. After some words of wisdom given to her, Chandra ran home. Over the years, she would run into Dranion many times and she learned he was a Bounty Hunter. Ahh, the sound of that and it became Chandra's mission to be one herself. One day, she spied the would be attacker and before she knew what was happening, he lay dead in a pool of blood and her knife was dripping with it. It was the worse thing that could have happened and it was the best thing that could have happened to her. It scared the living daylights out of her but it also gave her a goal in life. Something that she now hopes she can fulfill.

Other than for food, she saved every credit she could. One day a fellow told her about a crew lead by the 'verse's most obnoxious Captain and that they were looking for help. Chandra couldn't wait till she could get a ride and meet this fellow.


Soon the day came and she made the trip to Silverhold. Captain Rodney Kilbride was everything she was told, and more, and everything she was looking for. She was hired. Someone wanted her around! He gave her a bed, food and even pays her. He could never ask for a more loyal crew member.

Studying on the Falkirk

After being helped by Doctor "Damian Carmichael" Chandra found she needed to grow and explore new opportunities. She left the Wulver, which sill holds a warm place in her heart, and has taken up with Doctor Carmichael and studying in his vast library.

Security on the Mustang - Currently

In a strange turn of events, Chandra was approached by Captain Phelan Daniels of the Mustang. She was offered a job and took it. She now works as Deputy Security under Yang Guang "Dash" O'Sullivan. She has also fallen head over heels for the sweet and oh-so ex-Alliance pilot, Shuya Nakasato.

So continues the journey of Chandra Conrad....


This is all OOC info. If you want to know more, RP it.

A shot in the leg

"Did ya hear, word is she shot that "Cameron Dasari" fella in the leg...with a bow and arrow no less. Because he turned her down! Hell, I wouldn't turn down a hottie like that. That Cameron ain't right I tell ya and deserved to get shot." "What? That is one crazy bitch. I mean, shooting some one for turn'n ya down, really? I did hear that "Cody A. Martin" beat the snot outa her for doing it. Damn brat! I'd be steering clear of that one, for sure."

Why send six when you should send 10?

"Yep, I was there! Chandra came into that bar, you know the one in the slums of Persephone? Hell she been there hundreds of times when she was little." "Yea yea, go on." "Well she was there then some fancy pants lady come in and tell her she needs to run see..." "And what she do?" "Stop interupt'n and I'll tell ya. Well 'bout that time 6 bad dudes, hired guns by the looks of em, come in look'n for Chandra, but the fancy pants one claims she was her. Then all hell broke loose." "Did they get Chandra?" "Hell no! She took out 3 with her bare hands and then took the fourth out with a gun she took from one of the others while lay'n on her back. I ain't never seen anything like it. Miss Fancy Pants took two out. Chandra saved that fancy pants lady too when she kilt that last man" "Well she always been a scrapper, but four? You be lying or you had to much to drink and you saw double." "I swear on my momma's grave, it was four of em."


1. Weapon of Choice: "Bolt Thrower"

2. "Recurve Bow"

3. "Bersa Thunder 45UC"

4. "Throwing Knife"

5. "Martial Arts"



Image: Chan.jpg‎ | Chan - as those that are close to her call her Image: Chan_Aiming.jpg‎ | Chandra during her archery practice. One can never shoot a bow to many times, right? Image: Chandra_Archery.jpg‎ |Chandra using her bow Image: Chan_Bow.jpg | The bow that Chandra one day hopes to own. Image: Chandra_Face.jpg Image: Chandra_Full_front.jpg‎ Image: Chandra_woods.jpg Image: Chandra_and_a_special_friend.jpg|A special friend that Chandra has been spotted with on Ariel Image: Chan_HK.jpg‎|Chandra with a a Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW Image: Honor.jpg|Chandra's Honor tattoo. It's located on the backside, upper left, shoulder. Image: Chan_Melee.jpg‎ | Chandra during one of her many melee training sessions.