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Ashlyn Tanner
Full name Chade Jeffers
Date of Birth May 28, 2503
Parents Joeseph Jeffers and Elizabeth Jeffers
Children None
Assignment Pilot, Pathfinder
Specialization Piloting and Trade
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green eyes and black hair
Height and Weight 6'0", 180lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Basic schooling
Employment History

Chade Jeffers is the Chief Pilot on the Pathfinder.


You see a man of average build, maybe a couple of pounds overweight for his six foot frame, but healthy nonetheless. Has face is a charismatic mix of contrasts... stark, short-cropped black hair has been pushed back, revealing green eyes. His olive complexion is only blemished from a somewhat noticeable scar running from his right ear down his cheek.

He wears a comfortable, casual outfit. Thick, black cloth pants with several cargo pockets have been tucked into black utility boots with steel buckles. His shirt is a somewhat loose-fitting, natural colored muslin shirt. Across his chest is a bandolier that appears to have several compartments, large enough to hold personal effects or small tools. A well-worn pair of gloves have been tucked into and are half-hanging out of the strap of his bandoleer.


  • 2471 - Joeseph Jeffers is born on Colony VII, Hope.
  • 2473 - Elizabeth Jeffers is born on Greentree.
  • 2486 - Joeseph Jeffers begins work as a Line Cook on Dyton Colony.
  • 2490 - Elizabeth Jeffers begins work as a Nurse for Alliance hospital.
  • 2492 - Scott meets Moira at the Dyton Colony ER.
  • 2493 - Joeseph and Elizabeth marry.
  • 2502 - Chade Jeffers born on Dyton Colony.
  • 2503 - Jeffers family moved to Greenleaf for Joeseph's job at the Red Room.
  • 2519 - Qualifies for and is granted permit for trade and travel by Alliance.
  • 2520 - Chade Jeffers leaves home and gets odd jobs flying transports.
  • 2526 - Chade Jeffers begins works with Federal Transport Service as a pilot.
  • 2530 - Leaves job and is hired as Chief Pilot for the Pathfinder.

PC History

I was born on Dyton but, as a youngin', my parents moved us over a bit to Greenleaf. I grew up there -- got some decent schooling, and had a fairly boring youth to be honest. Spent a lot of my younger years making the occasion credit as a courier, muling small cargo shipments between suppliers and retailers in the city. Never finished school, despite my parents telling me to do otherwise, but by the time I was old enough to take care of myself, the world just seemed very small and opportunities in the 'verse led me off on a transport ship that was hiring. So, I spent the next five years running on a ship called "The Rusty Rudder" and mostly handled dropping off cargo -- until the ship went into a state of disrepair and we'd found out the captain had been using the ship's cut of profits for a nasty gambling habit. I was able to pick up work with a "commercialized" transport company, mostly carting passengers and small cargo around, but I'm meaning to find my own way now and build on the solid dealings I've had in the past.

Elizabeth was my mom -- she was a nurse in an Alliance hospital, so I didn't get to see her all that much. Because we'd just moved there, she was on the bottom of the pile and always got the worst shifts. My dad's name was Joeseph, and I didn't see him as much, either; he was a sous chef for one of them posh hotels... although I did learn a fair amount from him on how to cook. They're still alive and I'll wave them every few months when I think about it.

That "commercial" transport firm I was working for? Yeah, I'd have been there for life and not ever had a chance at moving up or owning my own ship. Most of the management were Alliance-tied or family members. I'd saved up enough to stay out on my own for a bit and have another go at finding a job on another transport with the hopes of finding my own way at some point.

When I was 22, one of my crewmates arranged a night with a "lady of consort" if you catch my meaning. Except he told me she was a registered companion, so I gave her the whole respectable treatment and the like. Sounds kinda petty, but I'm sure that rumor and the things I said to her have been shared across the Cortex in chain waves. They never let me live that one down.

External Links

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