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Full name Cennaire Quinn
Date of Birth July 28, 2492
Parents Currently residing on Ariel
  • Nathaniel Avery Quinn (father)
  • Aine Brigitte Quinn (Mother)
Siblings None
Children Born Jun 03, 2524:
  • Jass Avery Quinn (Son)
  • Joss Maia Quinn (Daughter)
Assignment Senior Virologist
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Emerald/Red
Height and Weight 5'5"/116
Status Active
Education Information

Graduated with honors from primary school on Ariel. She attended the University of Ariel for her medical studies. She completed her undergrad training there. Her internship was served out at a small teaching hospital on the Rim. At Our Lady of St. Albans.

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  • July 28, 2492: Born on Ariel


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