Cecilia Tarribotti

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Cecilia Tarribotti
Cecilia 02.jpg
Full name Cecilia Tarribotti
Date of Birth April 17th, 2511
Birthplace Ariel
Parents Darius Tarribotti & Lauren Vunderman
Specialization Pilot
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Gray Eyes, Blonde Hair
Height and Weight 5'4", 120 lbs
Education Information

Dropped out of public school system at 14.

Employment History
  • Impax Industries / Quick Draw Outfitters
  • Ugly Duck Corporation


Cecilia is a slender young woman with thick blond hair that's pulled back into a loose ponytail. A few strands hang loose around her fair-featured face or drift in front of her gray eyes. At only a few inches over five feet and without much visible muscle mass, the girl of eighteen doesn't strike an intimidating figure. She has nice clothing and a loose-fitting hooded sweatshirt. Across one shoulder a leather satchel is slung, resting comfortable against her hip.


Cecilia's personality is greatly affected by her mood and situation. Often the girl can be sweet, endearing and friendly. She cares about her friends and will try to help them. Other times? Ceci can be rude, filled with attitude, and downright hostile. She's still young enough to generally live by the belief that not only does the world largely revolve around her, but that she's invincible at it's center.


Ceci was born on Ariel and lived there for fourteen years. She grew up with her father, Darius Tarribotti. Her mother, Lauren Vunderman, had intended to give the baby up for adoption, but Darius intervened and raised the girl alone, despite being very young into parenthood.

After Darius was killed in the line of duty, Ceci went to Osiris to live with her grandparents, Anthony and Victoria Tarribotti. Her boyfriend, Vincent Tanaka came along with her, and they both lived with the older couple for four years. During that time Victoria grew very ill and ended up succumbing to sickness. At that point, Vincent and Cecilia decided to leave Osiris and move to Persephone, striking out on their own. They both landed a job working for Corin Anders at Impax Industries, and Cecilia was extremely fortunate and won a ship at a charity event.

The ship, combined with the gainful employment, opened up many doors for the young couple and Cecilia works as a courier and sales for Impax Defense Industries / Quick Draw Outfitters. She's also part-time employed by Ugly Duckling Corporation, working as a courier for them as well as pilot. (And occasionally she's Cody's personal assistant)

Yoki na Hachidori

The Yoki na Hachidori is Cecilia's ship. It's a Hummingbird Starfighter that the girl has lovingly painted purple with silver stripes, and a decal of a smiling hummingbird. She'll occasionally take jobs on as a private transport for clients looking for a faster, more private flight than a public shuttle can offer, or a more direct route than a larger cargo transport might give them.

Impax Industries / QDO

Cecilia works as a courier for II/QDO, but also frequently takes orders for sales in armor and weapons, as well as weapon modifications. She seems to have a knack for tracking down those rare, hard-to-find items, if a person can afford the cost.

Aurora Victoria Tanaka

Vince and Ceci made a baby:

Aurora 01.jpg Aurora 02.jpg