Cayleigh Mac an Bhreitheamhan

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Full name Cayleigh Mac an Bhreitheamhan
Date of Birth Janurary 2, 2502
Parents Collin and Felicia
Siblings 6 older siblings (one sister, five brothers to be named)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Noble House of Bhreitheamhan
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Red
Height and Weight 5'1"/107 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information

Private schools and tutors

Growing Up Noble


Growing up a member of the Mac an Bhreitheamhan family allowed Cayleigh to lead a life many dream about but never achieve, the life of privilege that fairy tales touch upon and rumors never do justice. The youngest child, Cayleigh had her sister and five brothers as constant companions as well as the few friends she made over her childhood, children she met during dance and etiquette classes. Her hours at home were spent with the tutors who schooled the children and with the nannies that took care of them while their parents were busy with work or off attending social events. Despite the fact that the children were tended to by the staff they were very well loved with much time spent with Collin and Felicia when they were able to find the time.

Cayleigh's life was spent with little in the way of time spent idly but when she was allowed time to herself she could often times be found in the family stables, helping take care of the horses and learning how to ride the thoroughbreds her family took great pride in. She also helped in the gardens and the kitchen, learning what she could about cooking and planting flowers and other such things that was allowed.

(more to come)