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Full name Martin Cavill
Date of Birth Feb. 17th, 2488
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Commonwealth
Specialization Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, brown hair.
Height and Weight 5'10"; 150 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Bachelor of Language Studies, University of Londinium

Military Service

Former Alliance Navy Lieutenant, Dishonerably Discharged


Apparently in his late thirties, this man stands at a height of roughly five-foot-ten. His body athletic, somewhat muscled but not to a very considerable amount; more runner than bodybuilder. His complexion is relatively clean, though marked by a couple barely visible scars; his skin fair. His hair is brown, of some length and swept back roughly; the shade of which is rather light. His eyes are green, and of a dull tone. He has some facial hair, thick brown stubble around his mouth, and to a lesser degree up his cheeks. There's a slice missing from the tip of his right earlobe, but apparently no more damage to it.

He wears a dark gray t-shirt, with nothing notable upon it beyond black trim. A navy blue jacket over such; and though stitching shows that it once held patches, it no longer does. His pants, a pair of faded blue cargo pants; well worn, but not torn; a leather belt worn around his waist keeps the article of clothing in place, with a brass buckle depicting a peace symbol. He wears a pair of dark brown boots, with tan laces; the heel worn down some but in working order to be certain. Worn around his neck is an old, light (in weight) steel chain, the pendant(s) which it holds hidden beneath his shirt, however.


2+2=? by Bob Seger
Bad Company by Bad Company
Gimme Shelter by Rolling Stones
Land of Confusion by Genesis
Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins