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Hey folks...let's keep these last name first, please? :) --Chuck 19:31, 15 September 2007 (EDT)

Most people use their first names on the MUSH, though.

Aye. That's true. I do. But, I meant...if you use the character tag, and add |Last Name, First Name]] after the Character Category(my page has it as an example of that), it will arrange the index in alphabetical order with last names. It still shows the full name. Just adds some level of consistency to organization. --Chuck

Organization, yes. But when this wiki extends and more characters are added to this category, the point would be to find people easily. And that would be by the name they use on the MUSH (or something close it). Not everyone has their fullname set in the +finger, so finding someone on a list that is Last first, First last might not be the best idea, even though I agree that it's the neatest for a list. - Madison, aka Matty.

People aren't dumb. Even if people don't have their fullname set(I doubt those who don't are going to be using the wiki), some part of that name is most likely going to show up in the title of their page. I don't see the point in having a category page, if it's going to be haphazard, and out of order. I think you're not giving people much credit, if you think last name, first name, is going to confuse them. --Chuck 12:07, 16 September 2007 (EDT)

Perhaps this leads to a more fundamental question about what we want the wiki to be. Chuck's point is certainly valid - alphabetizing by last name is more common, though when someone goes to look for the wiki page on 'Sujiko', they're going to go to S, not T. Full names, at least in my experience, have not always been the real identifier of how to find a character. I still personally prefer sorting by last name (alphabetizing by last name is a more established standard than identifying characters by their @name), but I think Matty's point has a lot more to do with UI design and 'method of least surprise' (very important when designing a system) than intelligence of the user. $0.02 Sujiko 08:52, 17 September 2007 (EDT)

Is there a chance we'll get any kind of agreement on this? Right now, with some doing it one way, and some doing it another makes it sloppy looking and kind of confusing as well. Considering the Wiki is supposed to be an 'encyclopedia' of sorts, it should be alphabetized by last name opposed to first name if just for the sake of that being how things are universally done in such places like libraries. And yes, some people don't have their full names on their wiki pages as was pointed out. Shouldn't really make things confusing. My $.02. --Kerry 20:14 (EDT)